Chapter 5

Class 10
1. For the following (you can add to the list) products/services discuss what safety rules should be observed by the producer?


For the following (you can add to the list) products/services discuss what safety rules should be observed by the producer?

(a) LPG cylinder

(b) cinema theater

(c) circus

(d) medicines

(e) edible oil

(f) marriage pandal

(g) a high-rise building


(i) L.P.G. Cylinder :

(a) Its total weight (with the weight of the cylinder) and gas and cylinder separately should be written on each cylinder.

(b) Its price should be written on the cylinder.

(c) The cylinder should be fitted with a strong seal.

(d) The safety valve should be checked properly whether it is leaking.

(ii) Cinema theatre :

(a) The cinema hall should be constructed as per the approved plan and prescribed standards.

(b) There should be proper and sufficient space for parking outside the cinema.

(c) The entry and exit doors should be wide enough, proper seating arrangements should be made and electrical fittings should be as per the prescribed standards.

(d)There should be adequate and proper arrangement of fire fighting equipment.

(e) There should be a complete ban on smoking inside the cinema halls.

(iii) Circus :

(a)There should be adequate security arrangements at the circus venue also.

(b) All the dangerous wild animals of the circus like bears, leopards etc. should be kept in strong cages. So that he cannot come out.

(c) The pandal of the circus should be put up as per the prescribed standards.

(d) Every act of the circus must be done with the utmost care.

(iv) Medicines :

(a) While making medicines, the health related rules and prescribed chemicals should be used in proper quantity only.

(b) Formula, price, date of manufacture, last date of use etc. should be clearly written.

(c) Must have all the details on the medicine.

(v) Edible oil :

(a) Edible oil should be sold in sealed packet, box or tin only.

(b) Date of manufacture, quality expiry date, price, I.S.I. Trademarks etc. should be marked.

(vi) Marriage pandal :

(a) The marriage pandal should be of proper size.

(b) The electric generator should be kept at some distance from the wedding venue so that there is no possibility of fire.

(c) There should be proper and adequate fire fighting arrangements in the pandals.

(d) There should be adequate arrangements for parking outside the wedding pandal so that there is no hindrance in the movement of people and there is no jam.

(e) Care should be taken of the quality of the food prepared for the marriage.

(vii) A high rise building :

(a) The construction of a multi-storied building should be done according to the approved plan.

(b) The building material should be of excellent quality and the building should be constructed by skilled and trained engineers and craftsmen only.

(c) Proper arrangements should be made for parking, park, lift and fire fighting.

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