Chapter 5

Class 10
6. Describe some of your duties as consumers if you visit a shopping complex in your locality.


Describe some of your duties as consumers if you visit a shopping complexin your locality.


Following are some of our duties as a consumer while visiting the market in our area -

1. The consumer should be aware of the quality : While purchasing the goods, the buyer should buy standardized and certified goods. This standard is ISI. , Agmark, Woolmark, F.P.O. etc. can happen. Consumer precautions will protect him/her from contaminated, adulterated and counterfeit goods.

2. Advertisements often present things in an exaggerated manner : advertisements should not be trusted blindly. If the actual item does not have the advertised characteristics, the advertiser should be informed about the same.

3. Cash receipt must be taken : It is necessary for the buyer to take the receipt from the seller as proof of purchasing the item, otherwise he will neither have

any proof of purchasing the item nor can any remedy be done.

4. Consumers must exercise their rights : Consumers have the right to choose protection, to be informed, to be heard, to get education and to seek remedy. Consumers should be aware of these rights and exercise these rights in times of distress.

5. Consumers should be careful : Before buying the commodity, the consumer should get all the information related to the commodity and should test the veracity of that information at his own discretion. He should not be 100% dependent on the seller.

6. Complaints should be lodged for redressal of due grievances : Sometimes the consumer, despite being cheated by the seller, does not lodge the complaint because the amount of loss is small. This nature of consumers encourages corrupt sellers. Often, some consumers claim an amount much higher than the actual loss, which is unwarranted.

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