CBSE Class 9 Science Subject-wise Material

CBSE Class 9 Science Subject-wise Material

Science improves the ability of students to solve real-life problems. It’s directly or indirectly connected with most technological advancements, which have been carried out in the world till now. CBSE Class 9 Science prepares you and creates your foundations for the higher classes and various competitive examinations like JEE & NEET. 

At Educart, we provide our students with reliable resources so that they don’t get distracted from their journey and ace their examinations with flying colors.


Subject-wise Material for All Chapters
Chapter 1: Matter In Our Surroundings
Chapter 2: Is Matter Around Us
Chapter 3: Atoms and Molecules
Chapter 4: Structure Of The Atom
Chapter 5: The Fundamental Unit Of Life
Chapter 6: Tissues
Chapter 8: Motion
Chapter 9: Force & Laws Of Motion
Chapter 10: Gravitation
Chapter 11: Work and Energy
Chapter 12: Sound
Chapter 15: Improvement In Food Resources
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