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In today’s era, everyone must have heard people presenting their views on any specific topic or subject, especially politicians addressing the general public. The intention behind giving or speech writing is to convey a strong message to the targeted audience in a persuasive tone.

Speech writing is added to the CBSE curriculum to help students research, gather, as well deliver their thoughts to an individual or a group. This writing piece will address speech, speech writing, and examples, followed by the techniques to write a strong and effective speech. 

Students can download this PDF for several invitations and replies to class 12 writing samples and practice questions.

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S.No. Table Of Content
1 What is Speech
2 Format of Speech Writing
3 Speech Writing Examples
4 How to Write a Speech
5 Practice Questions
6 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Speech?

A speech is a formal and verbal communication to deliver thoughts, opinions, and perspectives addressing a large audience. The opinions conveyed by speech can convey strong opposition or view opinions on a specific topic or subject. 

Speech writing is the process of creating written content to deliver a strong message to the readers. It involves writing content that aligns with the idea behind the speech, it can be informative, entertaining, appealing, or engaging. It can greatly impact an audience if the delivered/written content can convey strong thoughts on a specific topic.

Writing a speech requires a speaker to be aware of the general issues prevailing in society. When delivering a speech, one must be able to comprehend the pros and cons of the topic one wants to deliver, along with relevant ideas, evidence, facts, and other details.

Format of Speech Writing

Title: The title must be catchy and related to the topic. 


  • Self-Introduction: Be it a formal or informal event or there is a master of ceremony available, introducing yourself is an integral part of writing and delivering a speech. The introduction should convey who the speaker is along with what they intend to deliver. The introduction can vary based on the target audience's nature. 
  • Opening Statement: It has been said that the average attention span for any human is 7 to 8.25 seconds and that makes it necessary to write an engaging opening statement. The speaker/writer can add a quote, ask some engaging questions, and can add a quote. 
  • Main Idea: The main idea should contain a detailed explanation of the topic that can impact the targeted audience. The said or written topics should be able to teach and inform the audience. 
  • Conclusion: The conclusion must be written or spoken in such a way that it would make the audience think about what was written/said

Speech Writing Examples

Keeping good personal and public hygiene can play a crucial role in mitigating the spread of deadly viral diseases. Write a speech in 120 - 150 words on how it can be implemented in our personal and social lives. You are Nayan/Nidhi.

Importance of Good Hygiene in Mitigating the Spread of Deadly Diseases

Good morning respected principal, teachers, and my dear friends. Today, I, Nidhi, stand before you all to discuss the importance of good hygiene in mitigating the spread of deadly diseases.

During the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the government issued a list of preventive measures that could help us in keeping safe from infection. The guidelines included steps like washing your hands properly and frequently, covering your face while sneezing or coughing, and regularly cleaning commonly touched surfaces to stop the spread of the virus.

You see, all of these tips are not new to us. We have been aware of them since childhood, but somehow never followed them strictly.

However, we can promise ourselves to continue following these steps even after the threat of COVID-19 is lifted. Organizations like schools and offices should also continue enforcing these rules. We should all continue keeping our homes and roads clean to make this world a better place.

Thank you!

You are upset after reading a report in the newspaper that shows a shocking decline in the girl's population. Write a speech in 120-150 words that you will deliver during the school assembly highlighting the misconception still prevailing in our society that girls are considered a burden on the family. You are Rajesh/Rupali.

Decline in the Girl Child Population

Good morning everyone present here. Today, I, Rajesh of class XI A, am going to speak about the decline of the girl-child population.

According to the latest report, there is a gradual decline in the population of the girl child because of the misconception still prevailing in our society that girls are considered a burden on the family. We live in a country of Rani Laxmibai, Kalpana Chawla, Sarojini Naidu, and many other strong and inspirational women, still, this is the condition of the girls in our country. It is hard to believe that such atrocities prevail in the country which preaches "Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao".

To stop this, women have to become empowered with mental and emotional strength and with assertiveness to say NO, The solution to save the girl child lies in women. It is time women stood up together and took a resolution to put an end to all atrocities done to them.

Thank you!

How to Write a Speech?

Writing a speech requires students to be aware of the general issues prevailing in society. When delivering a speech, students must be able to comprehend the pros and cons of the topic he or she wants to deliver, along with relevant ideas, evidence, facts, and other details. Here are a few things one needs to keep in mind while writing a speech.

  • From the exam’s perspective, the proper speech writing format is needed. A speech is composed of an introduction, a stance or perception of the speaker on the given topic, and the conclusion thereof.
  • The speech must be conveyed in the first-person point of view. The conveyed information can be in favor or against it but it should be backed by sufficient evidence.
  • Try to write/deliver the speech with authenticity to appeal to the audience. Authenticity can be achieved by reciting anecdotes, stories, and experiences in a precise manner. Speak only when it’s necessary. 
  • Do not use colloquial language. Avoid repeating ideas or writing the same point again.

Practice Questions

List of all the topics for speech writing English practice.

Speech Writing Topics for Practice
Write a speech on Cleanliness is the Responsibility of All
Write a speech on Balancing Academics and Sports.
Write a speech on the Importance of Cleanliness in Life
Write a speech on deteriorating air quality in the northern part of India
Write a speech on the occasion of Diwali, in which you voice your concern about the situation
Write a speech on the occasion of the school’s Sports Day, in which you show your appreciation
of the achievements made by Geeta and Babita under adverse circumstances and how they have
become role models for women athletes in the future
Write a speech stressing the importance of saving electricity,
and making some practical suggestions for the same
Write a speech on ‘Drug abuse and its prevention’
Write a speech on Preparing for Annual Examinations
Write a speech on Each One, Teach One
Write a speech describing how the students can also help by collecting clothes,
money, and medicines from their neighborhoods
Write a speech on Growing violence among the teens’


How to write a speech? 

Begin speech writing after thoroughly researching the topic. Start with the introduction and address the audience. The content must be in a persuasive tone and the first person’s perspective. Structure your speech in the introduction, body, and conclusion. 

What is the format of Speech writing?

The speech writing formats include the title and the content. The content section comprises the introduction followed by an opening statement. The persuasive main idea is followed by a conclusion.

How to download multiple examples of Speech Writing in PDF for class 11?

There are many practice questions and examples of Speech Writing that students can access by clicking on this link.

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