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You all probably have seen placards on the walls that are either an announcement, an appeal, or spreading awareness. These placards are considered as posters. Poster making and writing is added to the CBSE Class 11 curriculum to help students get overall experience on academic as well as professional level. 

In the CBSE Class 11 & 12 curriculum. Poster making is one of the easiest portions in the writing section that allows students to showcase their creativity as well as score marks. This writing piece will cover all the details regarding posters, poster writing, structure, examples, and techniques to follow while poster making.

Students can download this PDF for Poster Making Samples for class 11 and 12 with practice questions.

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S.No. Table Of Content
1 What is Poster Writing
2 Features of Poster Writing
3 Structure of Poster Writing
4 Examples of Poster Writing
5 Techniques to Follow for Poster Writing
6 Things to Remember During Poster Writing
7 Practice Questions
8 Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBSE Class 11 Poster Writing?

A poster is a marketing tool for the announcement of any idea, product, or event making it visually appealing to the people. These are often used to create awareness amongst peers, Posters are used during public awareness drives, or events organized in the public interest or employed for political announcements or propaganda.

Poster Writing is a creative technique that allows individuals to showcase societal concerns and awareness on a paper. Posters have the distinct advantage of being inexpensive in comparison to other mass media which serve the same purpose. One of the striking features of posters is that they mostly combine both graphical as well as textual elements.

Features of Poster Writing CBSE Class 11


The layout of a poster must be eye-catching or visually appealing with a captivating title. Fonts vary based on the content being written and slogans, short verses, and jingles can be used in the posters. Making it visually appealing doesn’t mean making it filled with lots of sketches, just use simple sketches and drawings where it’s necessary.


Choose a theme for the poster and write the content based on the theme. Don’t forget to mention all the relevant details including the issuing authorities and organizers. 


Be creative and organize the content in the sequences. From the exam’s perspective make sure to keep the content under the word limit.

Structure of CBSE Class 11 Poster Writing

Examples of CBSE Class 11 Poster Writing

A women's safety week is being organized by Delhi Police to create awareness among women about the ways to stay safe and details of the helpline numbers are available for them to seek help in case of an emergency. Design a poster for the event.

Fireworks and crackers are known to create pollution during festivals. As an environmentalist, design a poster in about 50 words to create awareness of their ill effects. [CBSE 2015]

Techniques to Follow for Poster Writing CBSE Class 11?

There are certain guidelines and pointers that a student should bear in mind when attempting a question on Poster Drafting/Design in the CBSE Examination.

  • A poster for an event must include crucial details such as purpose, date, time, venue, highlights of the event, entry tickets/passes, and name/s of organizers.
  • The poster for creating awareness must include an issue about which the awareness is being created, the consequences of the issue, the action recommended to be taken, the name of the issuing authority, and other relevant information.
  • One prime factor that guides all poster drafting is their ability to attract attention. There are multiple ways to do this. These include a catchy slogan using rhyming words, bright artwork, and the use of eye-catching colors and fonts.
  • Proportionate use of blank space vis-à-vis text and illustrations, with regards to size as well as placement should be given due importance. Less is usually more in poster writing.
  • In case of a poster carrying a message for increasing public awareness about an issue, the name of the issuing authority must be mentioned.
  • Correct language and usage of appropriate words in a sufficiently large, preferably capital font, is a must. The choice of words must be precise and captivating.
  • The poster should convey at one glance, the theme, the purpose, and the message it intends to communicate. Due to the paucity of space (and word limit in the case of the exam), the textual content in a poster must be kept to the point.
  • The choice of artwork being employed must be universally understood; for a poster announcing a health camp, a cross sign is most aptly used. When intending to denote ‘say no/ban/do not’ the prohibition symbol may be employed. An illustration of a tap or a water drop to denote messages about water conservation may be used. 

Blurbs of varying shapes, containing letters in varying fonts make for effective communication of messages. There is no sacrosanct rule about whether a poster should be text-heavy or illustration-heavy. The choice is dependent on factors such as the message, the intended consumer of the message, the placement of the poster, etc.

Things to Remember During Poster Writing for CBSE Class 11

  • Keep the content in the box, especially from the exam’s perspective.
  • Make the poster creative and eye-catching.
  • Use simple drawings and sketchy.
  • Keep the content under the word limit.
  • The content must be related to the theme.

Practice Questions

List of all the topics for poster-making writing practice.

Poster-Making Topics for Practice
Poster-Making to request the people to adopt means to
save water, and prevent its wastage.
Poster-Making about the garbage segregation program and its importance.
Poster-Making on organ donation program and its value.
Poster-making on the dangers of drunk driving and
advising motorists to abstain from alcohol before taking the wheel
Poster-Making on side-effects of alcohol.
Poster-Making on why they should choose you as
the President of the Students’ Council of your school


How can you define poster-making for class 11?

Poster Writing is one of the effective promotional techniques to display concerns and awareness in society that persuades the reader to take the required actions.  The poster-making for class 11 promotes creativity and promotes social awareness. 

What are the features of Poster Making in Class 11?

The three main features of poster-making in Class 11 are layout, content, and expression. The layout in poster making must be eye-catching or visually appealing and the title must be able to capture the audience’s attention. The content must be theme-based and must include all the relevant details. Keep the content under the word limit.

What is the standard format of Poster Making for Class 11?

The standard format of poster-making for class 11 includes the issuing authority, event tagline, date, time, & venue, and contact information, and making the poster visually appealing. If possible, include the attraction point.

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