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While reading a newspaper or while scrolling through social media sites, you might have come across a product or a service promotion. The message is clear and loud, to get the audience to know about the product/service that the individual or a company is offering and the viewer to use the offered services. 

To create awareness amongst consumers via manufacturers via various mediums is what advertisements intend to do. This writing piece will explain in detail what advertisements are, the types of advertisements, and advertisement examples for students in English. 

What is Advertisement Writing?

Advertisements, generally labelled as ads, are communication forms that intend to address the targeted consumer base by manufacturers to take the required action such as buying their products, accepting their services, supporting a cause, and many more. 

Advertisement writing is considered a process of captivating and convincing content to market the product/ service and convince the audience to take the required action. 

Students can download this PDF for several invitations and replies to class 12 writing samples and practice questions.

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S.No. Table Of Content
1 Format For Advertisement Writing
2 Types of Advertisements
3 Classified Advertisements
4 Display/Commercial Advertisements
5 Some Tips to Follow in Advertisement Writing
6 Benefits of Advertisement Writing?
7 Practice Questions
8 Frequently Asked Questions

Format For Advertisement Writing 

Types of Advertisements

The advertisements can be categorized into two types:

  • Classified Advertisements 
  • Display/ Commercial Advertisements

1. Classified Advertisements

When the advertisement content like job vacancies, or people seeking goods are conveyed with brevity,  these kinds of ads are known as classified ads. There are reasons why classified ads are severely popular among the masses.

  • These types of advertisements require only a little space thus making them cost-effective.
  • Brevity is unique to classified ads. The message they convey is lucid and succinct, but effective.
  • It commonly features in columns of newspapers and magazines.
  • They also serve the purpose of informing or seeking information about some person or belongings that may have gone missing.

Classified ads are further classified into further categories with ad writing examples. The next section will cover a comprehensive list of the categories.

Situation Vacant/Wanted

As the name suggests, the advertisement is intended to announce job openings in an organisation or an institution. It can also announce the availability of a person for a job profile/location. Here is a classified advertisement in a newspaper example:

Your school, Akash Public School, Agra needs a canteen manager. On behalf of the Principal, write an advertisement in about 50 words to be published in the classified columns of a local daily. Mention the educational and professional qualifications, other qualities required for the post, who to apply to, and the last date for the receipt of applications.

Sale/Purchase (Property)

As the name suggests, the purpose is to let potential customers regarding selling or purchasing a property via a newspaper or a magazine. The example below will give you a clear explanation regarding the same.

You want to sell your house at 20, Kisan Nagar, Cochin. Draft an advertisement in not more than 50 words, giving the necessary details, to be published in the classified columns of ‘The New Indian Express’, You are Ayyappa.

Sale/Purchase (Vehicle)

As the name suggests, the purpose is to let potential customers regarding selling or purchasing a vehicle via a newspaper or a magazine. The example below will give you a clear explanation regarding the same.

You are Kiran/Karan Kumar and want to sell your motorbike which you have been using for five years since you decided to buy a car. Write an advertisement, in not more than 50 words, to be published under the classified columns of a national daily. Furnish all the necessary details.

Sale/Purchase (Household Goods)

As the name suggests, the purpose is to let potential customers regarding selling or purchasing any household goods via a newspaper or a magazine. The example below will give you a clear explanation regarding the same.

You want to sell your old laptop as you have purchased a new one. Draft an advertisement in not more than 50 words to be published in ‘The Times of India’ under classified columns giving its details and the expected price. You are Shovik of Nagpur.

To Let

These kinds of ads are published to inform a potential customer about rental properties or to seek a property for the customer. See the example below to understand it clearly.

You are Shweta/ Shashwat from Imphal and want to let out a house. Prepare an advertisement for publishing in a newspaper, giving the location of the building, nature of accommodation, etc. in not more than 50 words.

Missing (Pet/ Person)

The kind of advertisements posted to find the missing person or pet instead of monetary reward. See the advertisement example below to get a clear idea.

You have lost your pet dog. Write a classified advertisement for the lost column of a local daily. You are Raksha/ Ramesh.

Lost and Found 

If something valuable is lost or found, this kind of advertisement is posted to find/return the valuable item. The example below will explain it better.

You have lost an expensive watch on your way to the market. Write an advertisement for the ‘Lost and Found’ column of a local newspaper, giving all the relevant details. Offer a reward also. Write the advertisement in about 50 words. You are Gopal/Gopa, 4 Manav Road, Kanpur.

Travel and Tours

For the announcement of tourist services for the interested clients/groups. Check out the example below for travel and tour classified advertisements. Check out the example below:

You own ‘Midtown Magic,’ a travel agency. Write an advertisement about a special package for a tour to Shimla that your company is offering. It is to be published in a national daily in about 50 words.

Matrimonial Alliance

To seek matrimonial matches to provide information regarding the potential ones, these matrimonial alliance advertisement type is widely used especially in newspapers. See the example below:

You are Ashok Kumar, a divorcee aged 35 years, residing in Canada as an NRI looking to return to India. Draft a suitable advertisement for a match for you in ‘The Tribune’ under the classified column.


This is classified as either announcing the demise of a loved one, industry doyen, company patron, or office holder. It is also inserted to commemorate the death anniversary of a deceased person. An example is mentioned below:

A brief illness resulted in your mother’s death. Draft an advertisement expressing your grief, and informing people of the last prayers.


This type of classified ad is intended to make a public appeal for a cause of donation or identification of a body, etc. Check out the example below:

The Mumbai Police has recovered the body of a young girl from an office building near Kandivali East. Having no proof of the victim's identity, the police want to advertise in the local newspaper asking for identification. Draft the advertisement in not more than 50 words.


This type of classified ad mentions the variety of courses offered at an institute that imparts educational/vocational training. It also mentions the course duration and fee structure of the courses being offered. Check the example below to get a clear idea regarding the same:

You run Aakash Institute, Kotdwar which offers courses in vocational studies. Draft a suitable advertisement for publication in a national daily within 50 words.

2. Display/Commercial Advertisements

Commercial or Display ads, as they are commonly known, could be an announcement of an event, an inauguration ceremony, a promotion, or a simple discount declaration of the product/service it is advertising. 

  • This type of ad may be published in a newspaper or magazine, or released simultaneously over several mediums such as TV, radio, Internet, etc. as part of a synchronized media campaign.
  • They are also visually more attractive and employ creative design/language elements to entice their target audience.
  • Characterized by catchy slogans and wordplay, these ads are a fancier version of classified ads.

It is important to understand that the purpose of commercial ads as compared to other ads is to attract attention. The spending on these ads is a lot more than classified ads since they occupy more space. See the display advertisement writing examples below to understand.

You are the Director of Sunny Tutorials, an academy providing intensive as well as extensive postal coaching to students appearing for IIT-JEE, CBSE-PMT, etc. Write an advertisement for publication in a newspaper.

Some Tips to Follow in Advertisement Writing

Classified Ads

  • Employ attention-grabbing words and catchy phrases.
  • Use simple language.
  • State facts as they are.
  • Keep it formal and short (not more than 50 words).
  • State the purpose of the ad clearly at the top. For example: Mention if the advertisement pertains to Wanted, situation Vacant, Missing, To Let, etc.

Display/Commercial Advertisements

  • Name of the Institute/Brand/Organization/Company at the behest of which the ad has been inserted/broadcast/relayed.
  • It must carry details regarding the product/event/service/educational course.
  • The ad must announce ongoing offers/discounts/sales/early bird prizes on purchase/subscription if any.
  • Since these ads have the advantage of more space, high-resolution illustrations/photos are used to maximise their impact.

Benefits of Advertisement Writing?

Advertisements are an essential way to promote and communicate with the targeted audience. Several benefits make advertisement writing an essential part of the academic curriculum.

  • Advertisements can help in creating brand awareness. It can help brands gain more recognition and be unforgettable to the customer base. 
  • It is a cost-efficient way for lead generation and sales comparison with conventional ways.
  • It can help increase sales and revenue by lead generation, shortlisting potential customers, increasing product awareness to customers, and persuading them to buy products/services or support a cause.
  • It can help in increasing existing brand value and make them a regular customer.
  • It can help in increasing brand visibility and improve strategy as per the customer's reaction.

Practice Questions

List of all the topics for writing advertisement examples and practice questions.

Advertisement Writing Topics for Practice
Advertisement Writing for the ‘Situations Vacant’ column of ‘The National Times’
stating the requirement of TGT (Maths) for your school
Advertisement Writing for IIM Competition Tutorial Centre Launch.
Advertisement Writing in the Missing Person column of a local newspaper urging people
to help you find your 5-year-old younger brother who has been missing for three days.
Advertisement Writing to be published in a national daily to sell household furniture.
Write an obituary message about the demise of your mother to be published in a national daily
Write an appeal to the students requesting them to donate to the martyrs killed during the Kargil War.
Write an advertisement for publication in a newspaper for “Haj Packages”


What is Advertisement writing & how to write an ad?

Advertising writing is a digital as well as written communication form intended to pursue a targeted audience in taking some action like buying a product, opting for a service, and many more. For advertisement writing, analyze the type and the targeted audience. Keep the content short and precise and include all the necessary points. Include an element that makes the reader take the required action.

What is the correct Format for writing an Ad?

The format for writing ads includes two main elements- The title and the Content Body. The title must be precise and catchy to draw attention from the targeted audience and the mandatory details must compose the content section in English advertisement writing.

How to download multiple examples of Advertisement Writing in PDF for classes 11 & 12?

There are many advertisement writing examples and practice questions provided in the Class 11 and 12 Advertisement Writing PDF.

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