Which Factors of Board Exams Help Students to Grow in Career and Life?

Influence of board exams and result on students life
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Importance of Board Exams in the Life Of Class X Student

Every class 10 student must have caught themselves thinking, why are there board exams? What is the importance of board exams? And why do even people emphasize on scoring good in board exams? Well, to answer all these questions it's important to understand the whole process of board exams from scratch.

For some students, taking board exams is like a nightmare. The horrors of taking board exams begin when everyone around us starts to jeopardize the whole idea of board exams. Connecting it to failure directly. 

Some psychologists state that when you hear “the exam will be tough”, we instantly prepare our mind to fail. But is this all that board exams really are? No, students get easily influenced by the knowledge they acquire in their school life.


Here is one thing that analyzing yourself in a class of 40 students is easy as compared to national level competition. The marks giving system, percentile or CGPA method will give you an idea where you stand among others. Are you a competitor to others or not? Is your rank among the highest students or lowest? All these answers you will get by giving exams. And this is exactly why CBSE board exams play an important role in students' lives. 

Influence of Board Exams

Each chapter, subject, and class plays a key role in building a successful personality. The complexity of different subjects brings out a sense of responsibility among the students. And in the end, it's important to note that it's one's hard work that pays off. 

Students coming out examination center after CBSE exam

Class 10 exams give you a taste of actual board exams and on the other hand Class 12 exams are actual ones which tell you whether you will get your desired course and college with those marks or not. If we see broadly, class 10 exams are practice and class 12 is actual day of competition. 

So, rather than getting intimidated by the idea of 10th board exams, we should focus on preparing for it, because if we are not mentally ready, then how worse could it really be? Here are some ways to prepare for board exams- 

  • Prepare a schedule
  • Find a calm environment
  • Give priority to more important topics
  • Revise regularly
  • Solve sample papers
  • Get sufficient rest

By doing these you can self-evaluate your preparation. Also if you want to know more about how to reduce stress and anxiety during exam preparation. This will help you to see where you stand as compared to your set target.

Do not need to find the best sample papers, because we have it right here for you. On the basis of all points, these books are relatively and qualitatively best as compared to others at the features and price point they offer. 

Here is another point that below we shared a time management chart for science students provided in the Educart sample papers. If you want Time management plans for other subjects too, get your hands on the Educart sample papers. 

Time Management Chart in Class 10 Science Sample Paper

Decide Career Path 

The exams play a significant role in understanding the academic and career prospects in a student’s life. It's an important step towards deciding one’s career path for the future.

The content of all the subjects that we study prior to 10th grade helps them to acquire basic knowledge about every field. 

For example- if you decided to pursue a career in the engineering field, then you should opt for science (physics) in class 11th, and score good marks in class 12 to increase your chances to get admission in top engineering colleges. 

However board exams help you to choose a specific subject which you really want to study and opt as a career in the future. At this time students become mature enough to explore and discover their interests. Choosing subjects wisely is crucial because class 10th results act as an important deciding factor to which stream you choose. 

Prepares Students to Handle Stress and Anxiety

The board exams are the first instance when the students get to deal with real stress and anxiety, which is not a good thing. Check out this article here if you want to cope from anxiety and stress during your exams and preparation. 

The world is filled with problems and dealing with those gives us the ability to face bigger situations fearlessly. All it requires us to do is to have faith in ourselves and work hard without getting scared. 

Here are some tips on how to handle stress before board exams-

  • Begin an early revision
  • Incorporate active learning techniques
  • Stay positive
  • Get enough sleep 
  • Maintain a healthy and balanced diet

Board Exams Signify Academic Achievements

It is important to note that the 10th board examinations do tell us about a student's ability but it is wrong to conclude that it is the only factor to decide that. Life is going to give us ample opportunities to show our ability so, no, getting bad grades is not the end of it all.

CBSE Students in Exam Hall Appearing for Class 10

However, this does not mean that we won't take the exams seriously. Because who doesn’t want a good start to a new beginning.

The board exams are important parameter in terms of academic achievements as-

  • New beginning in the life of every student
  • Decides the stream the students will study for the whole next two years

Scoring good in the board exams would let the students add another point in their resume. It will act as a cherry on a cake (for freshers especially). A brownie point. So, why let the brownie be on someone else’s side? Why let someone else eat it? Make it yours. 


To remind you all again it is not the only criteria to judge someone's success but it is the starting path to deciding our future career prospects. Don't let the fear of failing in board exams actually fail you. 

All it takes is a little hard work and letting aside your fear to make you successful. With certain tips and tricks you can score your target. So, without getting scared of the board examinations, let’s face it with hardwork and courage.

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