Vedic Maths Tricks for Fast Calculation

Adding, subtraction, multiplication and divide all tricks are included

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7 Vedic Maths Tricks to Save Time in Exam and Daily Life

Maths tricks are the different ways to solve complex maths problems in a faster or easier way. Beyond the textbooks there are multiple ways to learn maths that are more fun and engaging.

Simple maths tricks can improve students' confidence, efficiency, and they solve questions fast. Here are some benefits of maths tricks:

  1. Saves time in exam
  2. Understand the Underlying principles behind the tricks
  3. More clear maths concepts
  4. Get break from traditional calculations and make maths more enjoyable

Many students face issues in maths to understand long calculations, so maths tricks are helpful for students and support them to manage their time effectively. 

Maths Tricks with Example

Assume if you can solve square roots of two digit numbers ending in 5 also within a span of a few seconds. You will save a lot of time, even without making a mistake. Because there are only two steps in the process. 

For example, you do a square root of 85

Step 1: Square root 5 which is 25

Step 2: Do square root of the first number and then add the same number in total. Here square root of 8 is 64 and adding 8 makes it 72

The square root of 85 is 7225. 

Here are some more maths tricks which help you a lot:

Trick 1: Adding Two Digit Number

With the help of ten and unit places, the addition of two digital number will be done like

Question: 76 + 47

Step 1: Split the second number into ten and unit places. 47 = 40 + 7

Step 2: Add the first number with the ten's edition. 76 + 40 = 116

Step 3: Last add the unit place digit. 116 + 7 = 123

Answer is 123.

Trick 2: Multiplication by Breaking Down Numbers

Question: 32 x 21

Step 1: Split the first number, 4 x 8

Step 2: Multiply 8 with 21. We get 168

Step 3: Last, multiply 4 x 168 = 672

Answer is 672.

Trick 3: Multiplication of 15

Question: 69 x 15

Step 1: Add the 0 at the end of first number, 690

Step 2: Divide this number by 2, 690/2 = 345

Step 3: Add the resultant with 690, this is 690 + 345 = 1035

Answer is 1035.

Trick 4: Multiplication of Two Digit Number

Question: 8 x 45

Step 1: As 94 is even number divide it by 2, this is 8/2 = 4

Step 2: Double the second number. 45 x 2 = 90

Step 3: Multiply the resultant number with this, so 90 x 4 = 360

Answer is 360.

Trick 5: Found Percentage

Question: Find 12% of 565.

Step 1: For the given number multiply the both the numbers 565 x 12 = 6780

Step 2: Divide 6780 by 100 = 67.8

Answer is 67.8.

Trick 6:  Get Quotient for Numbers Divided by 9

Question: 85 divided by 9

Step 1: Write down both numbers separately and add them. 8 + 5 = 13

Step 2: Again add this number 1 + 3  = 4

Answer is 4.

Trick 7: Subtracting from 1000

Question: Subtract 467 from 1000.

Step 1: Subtract each number from 9 except the last digit which is subtract from 10. This is 533.

Answer is 533.

Vedic maths tricks are an amazing way for calculations, with its roots in Indian ancient techniques. It provides an efficient and effective approach to solving complex maths problems. By using Vedic Maths tricks, individuals can perform calculations quickly and easily, improving their overall problem-solving abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions on Maths Tricks

How to solve maths fast?

To solve maths questions fast the trick is practice and deep understanding of concepts. Solve different types of questions to be ready for every exam question.

How can I master maths easily?

There is not an easy way to master maths or any subject. Students have to be patient to see the results and solve every question.

Why is maths so hard?

Maths is challenging because it has different concepts, cumulative nature, memorization, and many students get anxious because there are rumours about maths.

How can I be good at maths in class 10?

To become good at maths it requires understanding of concepts better, practice and persistence. Focus on problem-solving skills, it is a process which takes time and effort.

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