Can AI Replace Teachers in the Future?

How AI is helpful for teachers to do their day to day tasks?

Will Robot Teachers Take Over The Classroom?

What will happen if robot teachers start teaching in schools from yesterday? We can imagine this because nowadays AI softwares is gaining massive attention. 

Last month ChatGPT became the next sensation in the market and everyone was asking, will AI replace teachers?  So here are all the answers to those questions. 

What Are Experts Views?

According to a Forbes article, artificial intelligence will not replace humans, and it's a technology which makes them more valuable. AI and machine learning can make things faster but when it comes to emotions, feelings, understanding different types of speeches, such as jokes, sarcasm, anger, these are the things that only humans can understand. This is one important difference between humans and AI.

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Check here’s how AI cannot replace teachers. We discuss all the important factors which make humans better than artificial intelligence.

How AI Cannot Replace Teachers in School?

Artificial Intelligence can help and assist teachers in certain tasks such as grading assignments, personalised learning, etc. An example of how AI can actually help teachers in real life:

Various sources of humanised learning

Teachers can record the lectures and share it with all students. This benefits students who have any doubt about the class, and those students who did not take the class because of some reason can also see the video lecture and understand the topic. 

It will save teachers time on repeating the same lecture and students can also learn the topic as per their learning speed. Here AI will help teachers to share that task with all students and collect required feedback.

Look at all the points which teachers can do but AI cannot:

1) Flexibility in Teaching Method

Robots cannot change their teaching style with students because they are programmed to follow a specific set of instructions and rules. These rules are about how they behave with others. 

However, different programs can be set for different situations but robots cannot change their behavior differently as per situation on their own as human teachers do. 

Human teachers change their pattern of teaching according to the different observations, understanding and learning style of students. The ability to change and adapt is the biggest difference between human and robot teachers.

2) Mutual Understanding

Teaching is not a one person job. It comes in different forms, and from different people. In school students learn various things from the actions of others such as their peers, teachers of other classes, staff members and all the people who are included in the school.

Institutional settings are crucial for the holistic development of students check the image given below. 

AI cannot teach students these overall development skills on its own, so AI cannot replace humanised teaching.

3) Holistic Emotional Connect

Students should feel connected and supported to learn and grow. AI can never replace the emotional connect of a human. Teachers always learn and adopt new teaching methods throughout their career. They constantly change themselves as per the needs of students. 

AI cannot be as passionate as teachers, also the level of support in education can be provided by teachers. However, the conducive environment for limitless learning is also created by teachers only.

How AI Can Help Teachers In Classrooms?

AI can help teachers in doing all the tasks given below:

1. Content Creation

As we discussed in the above example, teachers can record lectures and share it with students to help them in saving time. There are many websites out there which help you to record and share content with one click.

Teachers can use Google Meet and Zoom to take lectures and record. From there they can directly share the link of the video to students through mail.

Artificial Intelligence and computers are not yet fully advanced to replace the human teachers and their creativity. But they can help them to make things easier.

2. Checking Assignments and Tests

Teachers already have so many tasks to do and checking assignments, tests and final exam papers is one of the biggest tasks. 

As there are so many students in a class, it takes time and there are chances of misgrading. AI can help teachers to conduct and in checking all the papers, assignments and tests within no time. It also helps to collect all the marks of students at one place such as Google Sheets.

3. Collect Data and Manage

After giving different resources, it makes it difficult for teachers to manage all those resources. Here AI comes into picture, there are different ways through which content can be collected at one place such as Google Drive.

If students put any review of the quality or content of the resources then it will also show to teachers at one place. All the reviews will be settled by the teacher in one go. It saves time in collecting feedback. 

How Human Teachers Put Their Essence in Teaching

Teaching is a one-to-one or one-to-many relationship between students and teacher. Humanised teaching is something that happens outside the classroom also. However, it happened throughout life through different life experiences. Learning from one person to another depends on their abilities to learn.  

Here’s how the learning structure of a human goes:

Essence of Human Teachers in Classroom

This is the reason that humanised learning is different from controlled learning modules of AI and ML because learning in humans is different for every individual.

Final Thoughts

The blog was all about how AI cannot replace teachers and instead of replacing them we discussed how AI will help teachers in the classroom. There are so many debates about this topic and now you have the right answer with you. Share the article with them who are insecure with their jobs.

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