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Single All India Pre-board Exam is to be conducted in pen-paper mode for CBSE students

<red> December 2nd, 2022 <red>

CBSE NEWS All India CBSE Pre Board Exam 2023 Class 10 | Class 12

Eduhap and Educart have organised All India 2023 Pre-board Exam

CBSE date sheet announcement is right around the corner. Everyone is eagerly waiting for it so they can prepare according to specific exam dates in the correct order.

Pre-boards are starting soon but the schools conduct them individually. They are the best reflection of students' performance and preparation for Boards. But the paper happens as per school individual policy and may not always follow the latest pattern CBSE puts out (40% competency questions plus assertion reason inclusion). 

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So CBSE Experts with Eduhap collaboration have taken a unique step by conducting a common All-india Pen-paper based Pre Board in January 2023 for all Class 10 students (based on the uploaded CBSE official Sample Paper of 16/09/2022).

Datesheet for which will be announced in December end. An app called Eduhap to conduct this offline Pre-board exam for CBSE Class 10 students is launched. Below all the detailed points about why you should consider giving this exam.

Check Your All India Rank

The results will be announced through the newspaper, and checked answer sheets with evaluation charts will be available in the Eduhap app. The exam copies will be checked by selected CBSE teachers from Kendriya Vidyalayas and selected private CBSE school teachers with the same process of board exams checking and instructions as per CBSE official marking scheme.

Example provided by Eduhap team of how an actual paper and checked copy will look like

Eduhap is one of the leading educators for class 10 students online learning in India with 2.5 million subscribers. Also, they have roped in Educart to provide top CBSE subject expert teachers as paper checkers who have years of experience of checking copies, including toppers copies. Students will have a chance to get their papers checked by these experts.

The exam will be conducted in the month of January, so enrolled students will have enough time to prepare. The difficulty level of questions will be medium to high and the exam pattern will be 100% based on the CBSE official sample papers.

Instructions on How to Participate in CBSE Pre-board Exam 2023

Most probably, this exam will be conducted in January 2023 (as per the datesheet that will be announced soon) so there is time for results before the board exams start and students can learn from their assessment! The following steps are provided to enroll:

Step 1: Register yourself via Eduhap App. Multiple ways are available for sign-up.

Step 2: Once you successfully log in, pay a nominal fee for registration of the exam. All exam details will be shown in the app and you will be notified of the datesheet by December end.

Step 3: Once the exam paper is live, write your answers on printed sheets (provided) according to the given time. Once the time is up, 5 minutes will be provided to upload answer sheets via the app. Make sure to submit them on time.

Step 4: Your answer sheets will be sent to CBSE teachers who will check the copies as per the CBSE latest 2022-23 marking scheme.

Step 5: The final results will be announced in the newspaper and all checked answer sheets with performance evaluation will also be provided through Eduhap App.

This All India common offline pre-board exam is done in collaboration with Educart who are the providers of best-selling CBSE Question Banks and Sample Paper books, being recommended by most CBSE schools and teachers. This initiative with Eduhap is a welcome move for all concerned students.

Educart has been roped in by CBSE experts to help with arranging the quality of paper, distribution and liaise with the CBSE teachers to get the copies centrally checked. They not only focus on helping students but also the parents in supporting their kids’ board preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I prepare for Pre-Board?

Complete the syllabus first and revise every topic atleast once before giving the pre-board exam. Follow NCERT books, and also use sample papers for more practice.

What if I fail Pre-Board exam?

If you fail in pre-board then you have to give a re-test. But if you fail in board exam, then you will have to give compartment exams.

Is Pre-Board exam compulsory?

Marks of pre-board exams are not added to the final result. So the pre-board exams are not compulsory, but it will be good for practice. But schools always try that every student will appear for the exam. 

What are Pre Boards exams?

Every year pre-board exams are always held before the final board exams. Mostly these exams are conducted in the month of December and January. From the perspective of revision, all the schools conduct this exam.

What is a good Pre-board score?

If you score between 55-60%, then your preparation is moderate. Score between 75-85% shows that your preparation is well, and above 85+% is a really good score. By analysing your pre-board score you can understand how your final score will come with the same preparation level.

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