Chapter 2

Class 10
Political Science
12. Scheduled languages of India


Scheduled languages of India

Language Proportion of
Speakers (%)
Assamese 1.26
Bengali 8.03
Bodo 0.12
Dogri 0.21
Gujarati 4.58
Hindi 43.63
Kannada 3.61
Kashmiri 0.56
Konkani 0.19
maithili 1.12
Malayalam 2.88
Manipuri 0.15
Marathi 6.86
Nepali 0.24
Odia 3.10
Punjabi 2.74
Santali 0.61
Sindhi 0.23
Tamil 5.70
Telugo 6.70
Urdu 4.19

(A) Make a bar or pie chart on the basis of this information.

(B) Prepare a map of linguistic diversity of India by shading the region where each of these languages is spoken on the map of India.

(C) Find out about three languages that are spoken in India but are not included in this table.




(c) Bhojpuri, Magadhi, Bundel- khandi, Chhattisgarhi, Rajasthani, Bhili.

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