Chapter 2

Class 10
Political Science
12. Consider the following statements:


Consider the following statements:

(A) In a federation, the powers of the federal and provincial governments are clearly demarcated.

(B) India is a federation because the powers of the Union and State Governments are specified in the Constitution and they have exclusive jurisdiction on their respective subjects.

(C) Sri Lanka is a federation because the country is divided into provinces.

(D) India is no longer a federation because some powers of the States have been devolved to the local government bodies. Which of the statements given above are correct?

(A) a, b, and c

(B) A, C, and d

(C) a and b only

(D) b and c only


(C) a and b only

(C) is Incorrect : Sri Lanka is a unitary system where the national government has all the powers.

(D) is Incorrect : India is a kind of ‘holding together’ federations. In this category, the central government tends to be more powerful vis-à-vis the States.

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