Chapter 1

Class 9
4. Represent √9.3 on the number line.


Represent √9.3 on the number line.


To represent √9.3 on the number line first draw a line and take a point A on it and take another point B on it which is at a distance of 9.3 units from point A i.e., now AB = 9.3 units. Another point C is marked at a distance of 1 unit from point B. Now bisect the line AC and find the point O. Now taking O as centre and OC as radius draw a semicircle. Now draw a perpendicular to AC which passes through B and intersects the semicircle at D. Thus, obtained is BD = √9.3 . Draw an arc with centre B and radius BD, which intersects the number line at point E, then the point E represents √9.3.

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