Chapter 1

Class 9
2. Discuss what these phrases mean to you.


Discuss what these phrases mean to you.

(i) a yellow wood

(ii) it was grassy and wanted wear

(iii) the passing there

(iv) leaves no step had trodden black

(v) how way leads on to way


(i) Yellow wood is a symbol of the autumn season. Autumn corresponds with old age. The poet could be, symbolically, talking about the later stage of life.

(ii) It conveys that the path was full of grass and no body had used that path. It was a smooth path that had not worn out.

(iii)It implies walking on the road.

(iv) It means the leaves had not been crushed under the feet of travellers.

(v) This means how certain decisions one makes in life could make way for many other decisions.

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