Chapter 5

Class 9
Political Science
(A) Write a letter to Anas Jamil in UK, describing your reactions after reading his letter to Tony Blair.
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(A) Write a letter to Anas Jamil in UK, describing your reactions after reading his letter to Tony Blair.

(B) Write a letter from Batisha in Kosovo to a woman who faced a similar situation in India.

(C) Write a memorandum on behalf of women in Saudi Arabia to the Secretary General of the United Nations.


(A) Letter to Anas Jamil

Dear Anas,

Today I read your letter.I was really disheartened by what has happened to you and your family. I want to inform you that Mr el-Banna was arrested along with friend Bisher al-Rawi, an Iraqi citizen, during a business trip to Gambia in 2002 on suspicion of links to terrorism. After questioning his father and al- Rawi, the pair were handed over to American security officers and transferred to Guantanamo Bay via a US air base in Bagram, Afghanistan.

There have been allegations that the British security services tipped off the US that they were linked to al-Qaeda suspect Abu Qatada. But Mr el-Banna's lawyers say the evidence against him is flimsy. He was accused of having a suspicious device in his baggage but it turned out to be a battery charger bought from Argos. Mr el-Banna suffers from diabetes but Miss Teather says he has been denied the salad he needs to control his blood sugar levels "because it is too expensive", causing a severe deterioration in his sight.

Miss Teather told the Daily Mail: "What we want is basic justice. Jamil should either be charged or released but his lawyers are confident there is no evidence against him.

It has been tough for you but we all are with you, so, don't worry. Lots of love to you.

Thanking you.

(B) E-4 Mansarovar Enclave,


6 November 2020.

My friend Bindhu,

I am feeling very bad when I heard that you are also going through the same situation like I faced. Be strong. Face the challenges bravely. I hope you will also get the justice as soon as possible and the main culprits behind these massacres will be punished.

Yours friendly


(C) Very few rights are given to Saudi women. The situation is little different in recent years, but worst for second class citizens. I am a woman of Saudi Arabia addressing the secretary-general (though my liberty and livelihood will be in danger as a result of it), I am imploring the UN and that both the UN and its member nations pressure Saudi Arabia to enact reforms so that the country is in compliance with that Declaration.

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