ICSE Geography Syllabus Class 10 2024-25 | PDF Download

Latest: ICSE Class 10 Geography Syllabus 2024-25

CISCE, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations revises its Class 10 Board exam syllabus for all the subjects every year and uploads the same on its official website in advance for the coming sessions. For the year 2024- 2025 also CISCE has revised its syllabus and there have been only slight modifications to the ICSE Geography Class 10  Syllabus. An extra chapter called Location, Extent, and Physical Features has been added. 

Students who are enrolled for the academic session of 2024-2025  can download the PDF of the Geography Syllabus Class 10 ICSE for the current academic session 2024-25 from the link provided below. 

Geography and political structures are directly linked to geopolitics and territorial disputes using the ICSE Class 10 Civics Syllabus. Furthermore, the intersections between geographical concepts such as migration trends, urbanization, population distribution and citizenship, human rights, and social justice promote critical thinking and civic involvement.

2024-25 Latest Syllabus 

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MAP WORK 1. Interpretation of Topographical Maps
2. Map of India
GEOGRAPHY OF INDIA 3. Location, Extent, and Physical features
4. Climate
5. Soil Resources
6. Natural Vegetation
7. Water Resources
8. Mineral and Energy Resources
9. Agriculture
10. Manufacturing Industries
11. Transport
12. Waste Management

Geography Class 10 ICSE Syllabus 2025

The objective of the CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations) in designing the geography syllabus is multifaceted. Firstly, it aims to cultivate an understanding of key terms, concepts, and principles in geography. This includes comprehending natural phenomena and the cause-effect relationships behind them. 

Secondly, the ICSE Geography Class 10 syllabus aims to help students see how natural events happen and why. Thirdly, it wants students to grasp how we use natural resources and how regions develop. 

Lastly, it wants students to appreciate how different parts of the world rely on each other. By learning these things, students can better understand the world around them and how it works.

Geography Class 10 ICSE Syllabus

ICSE Class 10 Geography Paper is a of total 100 marks out of which 20 marks are for Internal Assessment which would be in the form of Assignments or Project Work,

Geography Theory Paper

Total Marks: 80 

Time: 2 Hours 

This Paper will consist of two parts, Part I and Part II. Part I (Map Work) is compulsory and will consist of two questions. Question 1 will be based on Topographical Map while Question 2 will be based on an outline Map of India. In Part II (Geography of India): Candidates will be required to answer any five questions. Candidates will be allowed and are expected to make the fullest use of sketches, graphs, diagrams, and charts while writing the answers.

ICSE Syllabus Class 10 Geography: Internal Assessment

Candidates are expected to prepare a project report on a chosen topic from a list of suggested assignments provided below. They also have the option to select an assignment from the broader areas which are mentioned below by CISCE as is:

Suggested list of assignments by CISCE:

1. Local Geography:

(a) Land use pattern in different regions of India– a comparative analysis.

(b) The survey of a local market on the types of shops and services offered.

2. Environment:

Wildlife conservation efforts in India.

3. Current Geographical Issues:

Development of tourism in India.

4. Transport in India:

Development of Road, Rail, Water and Air routes.

5. List different types of industries in the States and collect information about the types of raw materials used, modes of their procurement, and disposal of wastes generated. Classify these industries as polluting or environment friendly and suggest possible ways of reducing pollution caused by these units.

6. Need for industrialization in India, the latest trends, and its impact on economy of India.

7. Visit a water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, or garbage dumping or vermicomposting sites in the locality and study their working.

How to Prepare Geography Syllabus for Class 10 ICSE Exam

  • Understand the ICSE Geography Class 10 syllabus thoroughly: Go through all topics and chapters covered in the syllabus. This will give you an idea of what the syllabus is talking about. 
  • Buy textbooks, practice maps, and practice papers: Gather all the necessary study materials that are required for a better understanding of the topics mentioned in the syllabus. 
  • Allocate specific study time each day or week: This will help you with managing time for each subject and finishing the geography syllabus on time.
  • Read chapters attentively, grasping concepts and key points: Attentive reading is very important while reading the chapters as this will help you with clearing the concepts and relating them with other successive concepts in the chapters.
  • Take concise notes while studying, focusing on important information: While you go on reading the chapters you can highlight the important points and create summarized notes by jotting them down in your notebook. This will come in handy when you start your revision. 
  • Practice drawing and labeling maps: CISCE has mentioned in its ICSE Geography Class 10 Syllabus the important places, like different mountains, peaks, plateaus, rivers, deserts, water bodies, soil distribution, etc, that students should learn to mark on the map. So don't underestimate that regularly practicing map-making and labeling exercises will increase your geographical marking skills as well as your board exam marks.
  • Solve sample papers and previous year question papers: Solving sample papers and past year papers will help you familiarize yourself with the exam format and question types that are asked in the board exam. This also serves as a good revision technique. 
  • Clear doubts with your teachers or classmates: Don't hesitate to ask questions and seek explanations to clear up any doubts related to any concepts or topics. Also regularly review notes and topics to keep the information retained for a longer period in memory. 

Follow the above tips to score good marks in the ICSE Geography Class 10 Board Exam. Download the official ICSE Class 10 Geography Syllabus that we have provided above and start your preparation for the ICSE 2024-25 academic session early. 

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