CBSE Class 10 Question Bank

Class 10 Question Bank 2023-24

Class 10 is the first academic milestone that any student needs to clear and to help students in this crucial step, CBSE provides a collection of study, learning, and examination resources that are useful to both teachers and students. Class 10 CBSE Question Banks is an essential study material to help students improve their exam preparation and score their dream marks. 

Class 10 CBSE Question Bank helps students as well as teachers as it provides them familiarity with the board exam pattern and typology, and helps students improve their exam strategy and performance in the exam. The question bank for Class 10 is issued for every subject, mainly English, Mathematics, and Science. One such worthy resource for practice is the CBSE Question Bank. It allows the students to practice new and different types of questions for a particular subject, which makes them ideal as an examination resource.

CBSE Class 10 Question Banks PDF on the official website

Each Class 10 Question Bank covers NCERT chapters and concepts with different types of important questions as per the latest CBSE curriculum and paper pattern. There are also some important questions from Previous Year Papers. The question banks comprise 100 questions for Class 10 English, Mathematics, and Science. The table below carries Class 10 Question Bank links for the available subject. Anyone can download the PDF just by clicking on the given link for free(OTP authentication might be required).

Question Bank For Class 10

Subject Class 10 Question Bank PDF
English View
Mathematics View
Science View

After downloading the Class 10 question bank for each subject, students can add it to their exam strategy and strengthen their preparation. Teachers can also use these papers for surprise tests during revision time.

Educart Class 10 Sample papers

Study Tips to Prepare for CBSE Boards

Board exams are going to commence in mid-February and the students probably have started their exam preparations ardently. Here are some study tips that can help you prepare for the exams better. 

  1. Make a Timetable

Studying in a planned and organized way will help students cover the syllabus timely and will make them feel confident during the exam. Make a timetable for study sessions allotting dedication time to every subject. Students can add doubt and revision sessions after every unit and even include an evolution session to check their understanding of the topic. 

The timetable can vary as per the student’s learning preferences and available time after school. Students can use these memorization techniques to make the best use of time and prepare for the exam.

  1. Note-Making

Notes might seem time-consuming but making notes during studying is essential, especially during revision time. To understand any concept students might use different mediums like YouTube and reference books, but at revision time, there is a high probability of forgetting the source and missing an important point. 

To avoid this mistake, be sure to make chapter-wise notes and pen down all the important points, questions, and even solutions to not miss anything important for the exam. For Class 10 Science and Math subjects, here are some formulas and cheat sheets to prepare effectively.

  1. Kickstart Preparation from NCERT 

The first preference the student must have to kickstart the preparation is clearing concepts from NCERT and practicing in-text and exercise questions. If students find themselves facing any doubt during NCERT practice, they can definitely clear their doubts from NCERT Solutions for Class 10 available at Educart. 

The solutions are free of cost and are easy to download. The solutions are available for English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. After clicking on the required subject link, students can download chapter-wise NCERT solutions for Class 10.

  1. Practice Previous Year Questions

It is important to practice the previous year's exam questions to understand the difficulty level, exam pattern, and typology. There is a probability that the previous year's questions will reoccur in the upcoming exam. 

To practice PYQs, students can solve CBSE Class 10 Question Bank and to add more value to their study and learning schedule, they can incorporate a book. The book will help in covering all the PYQs, NCERT important questions, and competency-based questions. 

  1. Attempt Sample Paper Questions

It’s a fact that sample papers always contain questions that can prepare students for the tougher questions in exams. Sample Paper for Class 10 will help students improve their time-management skills so that they will be able to finish their exams on time. 

Sample Papers are curated to provide students an insight into what their question paper may look like and the type of questions with marking schemes the exam may include. It can also be used to evaluate the level of exam preparation and improve the understanding of the weak topics timely.

Incorporating Question Banks in Class 10 exam preparation will help in setting the base for the upcoming exams and scoring the dream marks in board exams. Students must utilize their time properly, avoid unnecessary distractions, and sleep in a time to let their brains rest too. The milestone may seem difficult to achieve but with efficient resources and preparation, students can conquer it easily. 

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