CBSE Class 10 Science Topper Answer Sheet

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Do you find Science an intimidating subject? Science is a vast subject with completely independent branches - Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Some students can find it hard to prepare or revise the Science syllabus, especially when they are under the pressure of Class 10 Board Exams.

However, it is important to understand that Science is only a subject that needs continuous practice and some help from CBSE resources like the Topper Answer Sheet provided in this page.

At Educart, we make sure that all teachers and students have access to each resource provided by CBSE so that they can plan and implement efficient practices in their tasks. You can find all the available Class 10 Science Topper Answer Sheets in the table given below.

Year Class 10 Science Topper Answer Sheet
2023 31-6-1 (Set 6, Subset 1)
2022 31-1-1 (Set 1, Subset 1)
2020 31-3-3 (Set 3, Subset 3)
2019 31-5-2 (Set 5, Subset 2)
2018 31-1 (Set 1)
2017 31-1 (All India Scheme Set 1)
2016 31-3 (All India Scheme Set 3)
2015 31-2 (Outside Delhi Set 2)
2014 31-1 (Outside Delhi Set 1)

Before you go, read the following points on how these Class 10 Science Topper Answer Sheets can be helpful in your preparation for board exams:

  • Topper Answer Sheets are perfect for getting an idea on how to use the paper pattern to its best. Students can learn the basis of attempting the paper, i.e. which sections or questions to attempt first.
  • Students will be able to learn how to write the answers to not only write them but impress the paper checkers. This is one way to ensure scoring of maximum marks.
  • Toppers always try to stay to the point with their answers. So, it is best for students to take an idea on how to use the word limit in the best way.

Why is Analyzing The Science Class 10th Topper Answer Sheet Important for Students?

Scoring well in science is every science student's dream, and to achieve it, it is important to analyze the toppers answer sheet and apply it in while writing answers. Merely reading the textbooks and completing the syllabus is not sufficient to score good marks in the board exam; one should know how to present it on the answer sheet. Moreover, the Toppers answer sheet gives a good insight on this matter, and therefore it is crucial for students to go through it at least once and learn from it.

Here, we are providing you few tips on how to analyze the toppers answer sheet. So let's understand by taking an example. from 2023’s 31-6-1 (Set 6, Subset 1) science answer sheet. 

Before we proceed with tips, all you need to do is first download this subset from the above link and then follow the tips provided below:

Let's go to Section A. The questions have been answered very directly and to the point. There is no beating around the bush, and all answers are presented in a neat and tidy way. 

Coming to Section B, each answer is written in a crisp way, and the important points have been highlighted. For instance, look at answer no. 22. It starts with the given reaction, and later on, the redox reaction is defined with the help of an example, and the terms oxidation and reduction are highlighted with a double underline, which shows that these two terms together define the redox reaction. 

In answer no. 23, the difference between the movement of the leaves of a sensitive plant and the movement of the shoot towards light is very clearly differentiated with the help of a table, again clearly boxing the second point of the difference. 

Moving towards physics answer no. 25 of the topper answer sheet for class 10, the answer has been written with the help of a ray diagram, clearly representing and explaining the two different mediums A and B. In the B part of the 10th board answer sheet for the topper, the formulas for the terms have been used where necessary. 

Now look at answer 24 in section C in the topper answer sheet for class 10 science. The process of transportation of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood has been explained in the form of a cicular diagram, highlighting the important process and the parts of the organ involved in the blood transportation. 

The chemistry answers in Section D, Question 34, of the 10th board answer sheet are explained with the help of an orbital diagram, formulas, and reaction mechanisms in a very lucid way. 

Students are advised to go through each answer carefully and learn what mistakes they are making while answering the question. They can incorporate their style while answering the questions to score good marks in the board exam.

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