CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Subject-wise Material

CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Subject-wise Material

Hindi is one of the most widely used languages, especially in rural Northern India. CBSE has made Hindi a significant part of the Class 10 CBSE curriculum. Hindi ‘A’ is made mandatory till class 10 in Hindi-speaking states whereas Hindi ‘B’ is an optional subject in non-Hindi-speaking states. 

Hindi ‘B’ also includes the same NCERT book as Hindi ‘A’- “Sanchayan Bhag-2” and Sparsh Bhag-2” and the syllabus was revised deleting “पाठ 3 -  दोहे (बिहारी) “, “पाठ 6 - मधुर मधुर मेरे दीपक जल (महादेवी वर्मा)” and पाठ 14 - गिरगिट (अंतोन चेखव) from Sparsh Bhag-2. Students can use the subject-wise material provided by Educart for Class 10 Hindi B to prepare for the board exams.

CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Chapter-wise Notes

Hindi has been the fear of many students for many students due to its comprehensive syllabus and to help students boost up board exam preparations, these Class 10 chapter-wise notes are provided. The experienced subject matter experts for Hindi subjects keeping students’ distinct learning pace in mind have curated these notes.

The curated notes follow the concept of chunking where all the important concepts are broken into distinct sections like the author’s introduction and chapter summary. The notes for CBSE Class 10 Hindi ‘B’ can be downloaded and accessed by the students from the table below. 

CBSE Class 10 Hindi Sparsh Bhag 2 Chapter-Wise Notes

Chapters PDF Download
पाठ 1 - सखी (कबीर) Download
पाठ 2 - पद (मीरा) Download
पाठ 3 - दोहे (बिहारी) Download
पाठ 4 - मनुष्यता (मैथिलीशरण गुप्त) Download
पाठ 5 - परवत प्रदेश के पावस (सुमित्रानंदन पंत) Download
पाठ 6 - मधुर मधुर मेरे दीपक जल (महादेवी वर्मा) Download
पाठ 7 - तोप (वीरेन डंगवाल) Download
पाठ 8 - कर चले हम फ़िदा (कैफ़ी आज़मी) Download
पाठ 9 - आत्मत्राण (रवींद्रनाथ ठाकुर) Download
पाठ 10 - बडे भाई साहब (प्रेमचंद) Download
पाठ 11 - डायरी का एक पन्ना (सीताराम सेकसरिया) Download
पाठ 12 - तताँरा वामीरो कथा (लीलाधर मंडलोई) Download
पाठ 15 - अब कहाँ दूसरे के दुख से दुखी होने वाले (निदा फाजली) Download
पाठ 17 - कारतूस (हबीब तनवीर) Download

CBSE Class 10 Sanchayan Bhag 2 Chapter-Wise Notes

Chapter Name Solutions
हरिहर काका (मिथिलेश्वर) Download
सपनों के से दिन (गुरदयाल सिंह) Download
टोपी शुक्ला (राही मासूम रज़ा) Download

The downloadable PDFs can be accessed by students just by clicking on the link, although an OTP authentication might be required for genuine users.

Why Practice from Class 10 “Hindi B” Subject-wise Material?

Hindi ‘B’ is an optional subject but is amongst the easiest subjects to improve the percentage by scoring high scores in it. Practicing this significantly increases the likelihood of better marks and the Class 10 ‘Hindi B’ subject-wise material can help in it. Students can acquire the listed benefits from the notes and other study material.

  • The subject includes poems and prose and it requires students to connect dots from the beginning to the end. The notes are created in a structured manner to help students get a better understanding of the chapters.
  • These notes can be used for self-evaluation purposes. Skimming through the notes during the revision time can help students get an idea of their understanding of the entire syllabus. They can modify the study plan based on the outcomes.  
  • Students can avoid juggling between multiple resources and can find the right study material in one place saving their time as well. 
  • Download the PDFs and access them from anywhere and at any time without paying a single penny for them.

Subject-wise Material- How to Make the Best Out of It?

Downloading study material for every subject is useless if students don’t understand what to do with it. The right content if used strategically and effectively can help in scoring 85+ marks in Hindi ‘B’. The general strategy that might suit every student’s learning style has been given below. 

  1. Comprehensive Reading Through the Notes

The chapter-wise notes are curated in a structured way to help students follow the step-wise approach to understand the concepts. This approach can help in strengthening a student’s understanding of that chapter.

  1. Highlighting Key Concepts

Any important line, formula, event date/time, or any detail with a color pen or highlighter can be used for quick revision during exams.

  1. Summarise 

Reading and writing the understood concepts in your own words can help in evaluating the areas of strength and weakness. After the identification of strong and weak concepts, students can improvise their strategy based on the outcome.

  1. Usage of Memorization Methods

The distinct learning method and pace can be managed by using some memorization techniques. There are a few methods like using flashcards, revision, and color-coded notes that can increase the understanding level.

CBSE has revised the exam pattern notifying students about the increase of competency-based questions to 50%. Students should try to formulate a strategy and allow sufficient Hindi ‘B’. After practicing from NCERT, practice previous year questions, and can also attempt the latest-pattern question from Educart Class 10 Hindi ‘B’ Sample Paper.

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