Class 10 Subject-wise Material

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Class 10 Subject-wise Material

Class 9 and 10, both are crucial for strengthening the foundation for the stream choices as well as professional choices. Class 10 is the first big milestone in any student’s academic life that they have to conquer. At this stage of life, Class 10 plays a significant role in the overall academic as well as personal growth of a student. 

Class 10 performance significantly affects choosing stream or the senior year. This transition along with parental and peer stress to score best in the board exams is high. There is an abundance of Class 10 subject-wise study material available online. To help students choose the right study material along with avoiding the hustle of juggling between multiple sites to download various study materials, the table below will redirect students to Class 10 subject-wise links.

Class 10 Subject-wise Study Material

<red> → <red>Class 10 English Subject-wise Material

<red> → <red>Class 10 Hindi 'A' Subject-wise Material

<red> → <red>Class 10 Hindi 'B' Subject-wise Material

<red> → <red>Class 10 Mathematics Subject-wise Material

<red> → <red>Class 10 Science Subject-wise Material

<red> → <red>Class 10 Social Science Subject-wise Material

Advantages of Subject-wise Material

Class 10 students become stressed in finding the solution for how they can score better. To help students score their dream marks, Educart has provided the right and latest study material for every Class 10 subject in one place. Students just had to click on the required subject and the link will direct students to the downloadable PDF links.

Here are the reasons why students should download subject-wise material for Class 10.

  • The PDFs can be downloaded at any time and from any device. Students can access the downloaded PDF from anywhere including the comfort of their house. 
  • Students don’t have to pay any amount for these PDFs, the available content is free-of-cost.
  • Study material is available for all major Class 10  subjects and students won’t have to juggle between multiple sites when the content from numerous reliable resources is available in one place.

Subject-wise Material- What Will You Get?

Students might have read the advantages of subject-wise materials and they might wonder what they will get at every subject-wise material page based on their classes. Below are mentioned what students will get that will help them prepare for CBSE Class 10 Board exams in a better way and help them score their dream marks.

  1. Chapter-wise Notes
“संचयन भाग-2” के पाठ-2 “सपनों के से दिन” कहानी अध्ययन नोट्स

Scoring well in exams requires students to have access to the right studying tools and one of the most integral tool to achieve dream marks are Class 10 chapter-wise notes will help significantly in exams, especially during the revision time when students need to go through all the important topics, concepts, formulas, and pointers of every subject. 

  • It gives students a clear idea of what to study and notes also comprise flowcharts, diagrams, and figures.
  • The notes are found in easy-written language that makes it easier for students to understand the concepts. 
  • For practice sessions when a quick go-through of a chapter is needed, chapter-wise notes come in handy, especially in solving math and science problems. 
  • Students can prepare themselves to solve every kind of question like objective and subjective.

  1. DoE Worksheets
Class 10 "Grammar" "Modals" DoE Worksheet

The practice questions provided by the Department of Education to help students practice effectively and efficiently. Edudel or Education department has provided worksheets that will help students in:

  • Students can practice questions after every chapter in a systematic way that makes their performance in exams better. 
  • To evaluate their understanding of the concept or topic for the subject and recognize the area of improvement.
  • Teachers can use the DoE worksheet to analyze students' performance and then adopt the teaching strategy based on the student's performance. 
  • For those students who prefer self-study sessions, worksheets help them have a strong grip on the chapter.
  • These worksheets help in improving conceptual, problem-solving, and analytical skills,

  1. Formulas 
Class 10 "Trigonometry" Formula List

Many students have a fear of Mathematics and Science especially numericals where they often don’t understand the questions. Learning and understanding formulas is the step to solving any numerical and scientific problem. 

  • Solving difficult problems becomes easy since it converts the word problems into mathematical or number form.
  • One formula can be applied to several problems since the formulas provided are general-pattern-based.
  • Formulas help in saving time since many formulas are directly applicable to the problems.
  • The formulas for every chapter are given in a single place and can be aligned with exam preparations

  1. Question Banks
Class 10 Science Chapter 6 "Life Processes" Flow Chart

Studying in an organized manner helps a long way since the Class 10 syllabus is extensive. To help students learn comprehensively, the Class 10 question bank is a very significant tool. 

  • Questions banks are curated in an organized manner thus helping students to learn and revise in an organized way.
  • After revising the chapter via question banks, students can practice questions of every typology to strengthen their grip on the topic.
  • Class 10 syllabus is completely covered in question banks for Class 10, students can understand the syllabus better from it

  1. Important Questions
Geography Class 10 Chapter 4 "Agriculture" Important Questions

Class 10 Important Questions is the key to boosting midterm and final exam preparations. Practicing important questions will help in many ways:

  • Important questions usually reoccur in the final examinations. Practicing these questions will enhance the probability of better performance.
  • Important Questions provide an idea of the important topics and concepts from the examination point of view.
  • Important Questions are most suitable for chapter-wise preparation and during revision time.

  1. Mindmaps
Class 10 Economics Chapter 2 "Sectors of Indian Economy" Mind Map

A subject includes a lot of information at a place and memorizing it becomes quite a task. To help students memorize and understand all the concepts together to form that specific chapter, a mindmap for Class 10 students is a great tool.

  • It helps to organize all the information in a structured manner and helps in chunk learning i.e. breaking down the difficult concepts into segments.
  • The visualized and sequenced mindmaps help in learning information faster. 
  • It helps in improving problem-solving and creativity skills.

Other Materials

Comprehensions, mindmaps, chapter summaries, and other supporting study materials are also included as extra subject-wise study material to study and prepare effectively for the exams. Class 10 is a ladder that influences choices for senior year stream choice and scoring well is literally the dream of every student.

We, at Educart, want every student to achieve their dream score. Learning depends from student to student but every student deserves an opportunity to get the right material that will help them move a step forward to achieve their dream score. Class 10 subject-wise study materials are the key to preparing, scoring, and achieving the set goals.

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