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CBSE Class 10 Foundations of Information Technology Sample Paper

Foundations of Information Technology was an additional subject until the 2019-20 session. Although it didn’t hold much importance in the Board results it was quite an important subject for the students who wanted to build a career in Computers. Later this subject was renamed as Information Technology 402 (which is now a vocational subject and replaced by Computer Applications 165 as the main additional subject) with a slight tweak in the syllabus.

Here, we have provided the complete list of Class 10 Foundation IT Sample Papers, along with their Marking Scheme Solutions made available by CBSE.

CBSE Information Technology Sample Papers Class 10 2024

Class 10 Foundations of Information Technology Sample Papers Marking Scheme Solutions
2018-19 Sample Paper Download
2017-18 Sample Paper Download
2016-17 Sample Paper Download
2015-16 Sample Paper -

What are the Foundations of Information Technology?

Up until the 2019–20 school year, Foundations of Information Technology was an extra subject. Its goal was to familiarise the students with the fundamentals of computers, including networking, hardware, software, and the internet. It was a course that was crucial for students hoping to pursue careers in computers.

What is the difference between Information Technology and Computer Applications?

Later, with a minor syllabus modification, Foundations of Information Technology was renamed as Information Technology, which is now a vocational topic and replaced by Computer Applications as the primary additional subject. The information technology course primarily deals with the applications of IT, including cybersecurity, database administration, and web design. The theoretical components of IT, including programming, data structures, algorithms, etc., are covered in Computer Applications.

Why should you practice CBSE IT Sample Paper Class 10th?

You can benefit from practicing CBSE Class 10  Information Technology Sample Papers in a number of ways, including: 

  • You can become familiar with the paper format, marking system, and different levels of questions. 
  • Your time management, accuracy, and speed can all be enhanced.
  • You may recognize your strong and weak points and adjust your approach accordingly.
  • You can feel more confident and less anxious before an exam.

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