CBSE Class 10 Foundations of Information Technology Sample Paper

Foundations of Information Technology was an additional subject until the 2019-20 session. Although it didn’t hold much importance in the Board results but it was quite an important subject for the students who wanted to build a career in Computers.

Later this subject was renamed as Information Technology 402 (which is now a vocational subject and replaced by Computer Applications 165 as main additional subject) with a slight tweak in the syllabus.

Still, if the teachers are looking for some credible questions that the students can practice to excel in Computers, they can access the Class 10 FIT Sample Papers given below in the table.

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Class 10 Foundations of Information Technology Sample Papers Marking Scheme Solutions
2019 Sample Paper Download
2018 Sample Paper Download
2017 Sample Paper Download
2016 Sample Paper -

These CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers will help the teachers support the students’ interest in the subject while the students will be able to practice solving Sample Papers for their main subjects.

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