Order Letter Writing | Complete Format & Samples in PDF

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Order Letter Writing | Format, Tips, and Samples

In the modern era, Nykaa, Myntra, Zomato, and many other platforms are used by the majority of the population, who rely on placing orders online. However, for business owners or sales executives, letters or emails are written to place bulk orders. For this purpose, CBSE has included a Formal Letter for Placing and Canceling Orders for Class 10 and 12 students. 

This writing piece will help students understand letters of order along with its format, examples, and tips on “How to Write Order Letter”. This blog will also include letter of order practice questions for students to perform well in board exams. 

S.No. Table Of Content
1 What is an Order Letter?
2 Letter of Order: Format
3 Letter of Order: Examples
4 Letter of Order: Guidelines to Follow
5 Letter of Order: How to Write
6 Letter of Order: Practice Questions
7 FAQs

Download the Letter of Order for CBSE Class 10 and 12 Practice Questions PDF.


What is an Order Letter?

This type of formal letter is written to place or cancel orders with product details to the seller/purchaser. The letter of order is the approval of the sale or purchase made. The letter can also product features, quantity, colour, payment mode, or shipping details. The order letter is also referred to as a Purchase Order (PO). 

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Letter of Order: Format

CBSE Letter of Order format is mentioned below. 

  • Sender’s Address: The person enquiring must mention their address and email (if required).
  • Date: The date on which the letter is written
  • Receiver’s Address: Address of the concerned person
  • Subject: Mention the reason for the letter in one line
  • Salutation: Use “Sir/Madam” for a formal greeting
  • Body: The main content of the letter is written in three paragraphs- Introduction, Product Details and Specifications, and a concluding line with expected Delivery Date.

Letter of Order: Examples

1. As the manager of Niti Institute of Excellence, Prabhuji Marg, New Delhi, you need to order books in bulk. Write a letter to M/s Singh & Bros. Booksellers, Lucknow, placing an order for the books to be supplied immediately. Sign yourself as Saurabh/Sujata. Write this letter in about 100-120 words.

Niti Institute of Excellence 

Prabhuji Marg, New Delhi 

24th January, 20XX 

M/s Singh & Bros. Booksellers 


Subject: Supply of books for the institution

Respected Sir/Madam, 

We want to place a bulk order for our institution’s library. We request you to reconsider the 10% discount proposed earlier. Since we are your regular clients and institutional buyers, kindly agree to a 15% discount. It is understood that the dispatch, delivery, and other expenses will be borne by your organisation.

The list of books with their particulars is attached herewith.

List of Books Quantity
1. Principles of Management Paperback – 2010
by James A.F. Stoner
2. The Ecology of Commerce by Paul Hawken 12
3. A Theory of Justice by John Rawls 10
4. The One Minute Manager by Kenneth H. Blanchard 15
5. Financial Statements by Thomas Ittelson 20

2. You are Vaibhavi Sinha, examination incharge, Goodway Public School, Aurobindo Road, Indore. You require 4 registers, blue and red ballpoint pens (50 each). You saw an advertisement of Sunrise Stationary Mart that is given below:

Sunrise Stationary Mart
We offer the best quality stationary items at the best prices.
Contact us for more details and offers. Hurry Up !!

Place an order with Sunrise Stationary Mart, 12 Mall Road, Indore mentioning terms of payment, discount asked by you and delivery date (120 words).

Goodway Public School 

Aurobindo Road, 

Indore - 110096 

03rd April, 20XX

The Manager 

Sunrise Stationary Mart 

12, Mall Road, 

Indore - 110067 

Subject: Supply of stationary for the institution. 

Respected Sir/Ma’am, 

This has reference to the quotation dated 19th December, 20XX. Kindly send the following items to the address mentioned above.

S. No. List of Items Quantity
1. White Paper 4 reams
2. Carbon Paper 2 packets
3. Registers 12
4. Blue ballpoint pens 50 each

The payment will be made in cash once the items reach us. I hope we are eligible for a 15% institutional discount. The goods have always reached us well on time, and in excellent condition as per our specifications, we do expect the same delivery this time as well. Kindly notify us of the delivery date at your earliest convenience. 

Yours faithfully, 

Vaibhavi Sinha 

Examination Incharge

Letter of Order: Guidelines to Follow

While writing letters for placing or cancelling orders, some guidelines must be followed by students during CBSE board exams.

  • Use formal language. 
  • Be clear with the objective; don’t indulge in informal communication. 
  • Avoid using technical jargon. 
  • Be clear about the payment mode and when the delivery is expected to the seller.
  • Proofread the letter to check the quantity and spec errors.
  • Asking for a discount on products is optional.
  • Use company letterhead for professional orders. 

Letter of Order: How to Write

The Letter of order is written to notify either the seller or buyer about the products sold/bought. The letter also works as a confirmation document and can be used for record-keeping. Follow the formal letter format as given above and include the listed points. 

  • Product/Item name you want to purchase
  • Product/Item specifications and quantity
  • Payment mode and delivery details in order confirmation letter

Be clear about your objective and don’t miss any important detail. Contact the recipient in case of any doubts. Regularly practice questions for letter writing and other writing topics to improve your English writing skills. 

Letter of Order: Practice Questions

List of all the topics for a Letter of Order in English practice.

Letter of Enquiry Topics for Practice
You are Bhai Bajrang/Radha Joshi, Principal, Basant Public School, Nashik.
Your school has just decided to plant trees along the boundary wall of your school,
for which you need saplings. You also want to place a large number of potted plants
in all the corridors to help make the school green and reduce pollution. Write a letter in 120 – 150
words to the proprietor of Masjid Nursery, Nashik, a wholesale supplier of all kinds of saplings and
indoor/outdoor plants, placing an order for saplings of plants for the school.
Write a letter to Jindal Publishers, Pratap Vihar, Delhi to place an order for English to Hindi dictionaries,
illustrated children's encyclopedias, fiction books etc. for your school library. Request them for a catalogue,
discount offered, mode of payment and time taken for delivery. (100-120 words).
You are Vaibhav/Vaibhavi, incharge the Readers Club of Alpha Public School, Ajmer. The club has been
established recently which requires many books. Write a letter in 100-120 words to the Manager (Marketing)
National Book Trust, A 5 Green Park New Delhi placing an order for some books for the Readers Club.
Use the following clues. Titles of the book (imagine the names)
Number of copies required
You are Sudha/Sudhir, Principal of Vasant School, Agra. Your school has started a Music Department.
Write a letter to the Manager of Melody House, M.G. Road, Agra, wholesale suppliers of musical
instruments, placing a detailed order for five musical instruments for the school.
Ask for a discount on the catalogue price.
You are Zac Skaria, a resident of # 412, Magna Greens Apartments, Gandhi Marg, Jonpara, Mumbai.
Three students of grade 10 from your residential complex have rescued and rehabilitated a few old
beggars from the neighbourhood. You think that their work deserves appreciation and recognition.
Write a letter to the President of the RWA, seeking recommendations for these youth, to be nominated
for the ‘Serving Citizens Award’. Suggest other ways such acts of kindness could be recognised
and awarded in the future.
You are Niharika, incharge of the neighbourhood library for children. Write a letter to manautal publishers
placing an order for books 2 sets each of Panchatantra and Amar Chitra Katha. Mention the mode of
payment, library discount and date of delivery.
You are Meera/Madhur, librarian of Vidya Bharti, Cantt Road, Lucknow. Write a letter to Oxford Publication
placing a detailed order of textbooks for classes 6th and 8th for your school library. Mention subjects and
quantity. Ask for a discount on the catalogue price.
You are Vikram/Vanya, Librarian, B.S Public School Delhi. Write a letter to the Manager of Amar Publication
House, Mumbai placing an order for 4 sets of social studies books for grades 6-8 published by NCERT.
Mention school discount, mode of payment and date of delivery
Imagine that you are the Principal, Mayur Public School, Mall Road, Mathura. Write a letter to the Sales Manager,
Apsara Publishing House, Mandir Marg, Mathura, placing an order for some books for your school library.
(Minimum four titles and number of copies).
You are Vaijanthi/Vijay from Prakasham Nagar, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Write a letter to Book Haven
Store, requesting home delivery of the books, stationary and art materials you had ordered telephonically.
Share the reason for being unable to pick up the goods in person. Confirm your address details
and a convenient time slot.
Write a letter in 100-120 words to M/s Riddhi Publishing House, Rewari, complaining that the books sent by
them were not the ones you had ordered and asking for a replacement. You are
Shalini Arora/Samar Arora, of Kamla Nagar, New Delhi.


What is an Order Letter?

The formal order letter is written to place/cancel/replace the product/item. The letter is a confirmation document for the seller/buyer. The product details and specifications along with the quantity are mentioned in the letter. 

How to Write an Order Letter?

The order letter is written in a format similar to the formal letter format. Include the product details and specifications along with the quantities and expected delivery date and proofread it before sending it. 

How to write a letter to improve your marks in CBSE English?

By practicing sample papers and letter of order practice questions, students can improve their marks in CBSE English.

In which sequence should I attempt my CBSE English exam?

It is advised to start with literature and writing skills. Attempt the reading session in the last and make sure to revise the paper before submitting it.

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