Letter of Enquiry: Formal & Informal, Format, Examples & Practice Questions in PDF

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Letter of Enquiry Class 10 and 12 | Enquiry Letter, Format, Tips, and Samples

You are not Google or ChatGPT that you will have answers to every question. The best way to get answers to your enquiry is to write a formal letter. Product-related queries, job applications, events, any business opportunity, or admission-related enquiries. 

This article will cover every topic about the Letter of Enquiry for CBSE Class 10 and 12 students. The formal letter format, examples, tips, and how to write a Letter of Enquiry to score complete marks in the board exams. 

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1 What is an Enquiry Letter?
2 Letter of Enquiry: Format
3 Letter of Enquiry: Examples
4 Letter of Enquiry: Guidelines to Follow
5 Letter of Complaint: Practice Questions
6 FAQs

Download the Letter of Enquiry for CBSE Class 10 and 12 Practice Questions PDF.


What is an Enquiry Letter?

The formal way to seek clarification or information regarding any event, product, or service is to write an Enquiry Letter. The letter includes a salutation, the type of information requested, and the clear purpose for the information. The letter of enquiry is a two-way communication where the response regarding the enquiry made is expected. 

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Letter of Enquiry: Format

Just like any formal letter, the letter of enquiry follows a similar format. CBSE students must follow the format to secure full marks in the board exams.

  • Sender’s Address: The person enquiring must mention their address and email (if required).
  • Date: The date on which the letter is written
  • Receiver’s Address: Address of the concerned person
  • Subject: Mention the reason for the letter in one line
  • Salutation: Use “Sir/Madam” for a formal greeting
  • Body: The main content of the letter is written in three paragraphs- Introduction, Enquiry Detail, and a concluding line.

The introduction section as the name suggests includes the details about the sender and the purpose for writing the letter.The paragraph following includes the details about the listed enquiry. The last paragraph includes the concluding line. Keep the tone polite. 

Letter of Enquiry: Examples

You are Manika/Sanjib Saha, a student of class XII and a resident of 44, Park Street, Kolkata. You want to be an actor. Write to the National Institute of Acting, Mumbai, seeking information about their course, admission procedure, eligibility criteria and other necessary details.

44, Park Street, 

Kolkata - 119900 

26th March, 20XX 

The Director, 

National Institute of Acting 

Santa Cruz, Andheri (West) 

Mumbai - 400021 

Subject: Inquiry regarding courses in acting. 


This is regarding your advertisement in the Kolkata Daily dated 15th February, 20XX regarding the Acting courses that are offered by your reputed institute. I am currently studying in Grade 12 and awaiting the results of my board examinations. I am passionate about acting and want to take it up as a career. The first step towards this would be to enrol myself in the course offered by your institute. 

Please send me the prospectus containing information regarding the course and the application form. I would be highly grateful if you could provide information about the following: 

  • The department and programme faculty 
  • Scholarships available 
  • Admission procedure 
  • Eligibility criteria 
  • Hostel facilities 

Kindly send me the latest brochure with the above details along with the enrolment form at the earliest so that I can register for the course. 

Yours faithfully, 

Manika/Sanjib Saha

You want to spend a week-long holiday at Kasauli in November. You have decided to stay at Hotel Hill Queen. Write a letter in 120 words to the manager to book a room. Mention the dates, facilities in the room, food, sightseeing facilities, etc., you will need. You are Vedant/Vedika of B-12, Garden Apartments, New Delhi

6. B-12, Garden Apartments,

New Delhi - 110098

14th March, 20XX

The Manager,

Hotel Hill Queen

Kasauli - 990044

Subject: Enquiry about facilities at Hotel Hill Queen.


I am writing this letter as I plan to spend a week-long holiday at Kasauli with my family in November and plan to stay at your hotel. I shall be grateful if you could pre-book a room for us from 10th to 17th November. I would also appreciate it if the room was sun-facing and had a good overview of the place. Our food preference is non-vegetarian and we would lovego out for sightseeing every day.

Please do let me know if you could arrange a car for us at a reasonable rate. I am sure our stay would be made comfortable and memorable. Please let me know the total cost including transport charges.

Looking forward to a prompt reply.

Yours faithfully,


Letter of Enquiry: Guidelines to Follow

Be it for examination purposes or for writing an enquiry for other reasons, there are certain guidelines that the sender must follow. 

  • Stick to the formal letter format.
  • Keep the tone professional and polite.
  • It is important to mention all the details that you require about the product or the service.
  • Clarify the end date by which you’d want a reply back if there is an urgency.
  • In the case of job applications, the candidate must mention the contact details for the employer to reach out to you.
  • Include the complete details related to the enquired product/service for clear communication. 
  • Conclude by seeking an early and detailed reply to your enquiry.

Letter of Complaint: Practice Questions

List of all the topics for a Letter of Enquiry in English practice.

Letter of Enquiry Topics for Practice
You are the parent of Laksh/Lakshita. You want your kid to switch from CBSE to the ICSE
after Class 8. Write a letter of Enquiry to the Principal of St. Anderson School, M.G. Road,
Bangalore, enquiring regarding the details.
You are Ankita/Ankit, Computer In-charge of Maharani Public School, Bangalore. Blackboards
are to be replaced by smart boards. You wish to place an order for fifteen smart boards and
computer accessories. Write a letter of enquiry to Ensonic Computech, M.G. Road, Bangalore
enquiring about prices, discounts and after-sales service.
You are Mrs./Mr. Gupta. Your son is a student of Class XII and wants to pursue a course in mass
communication. Write a letter in 120 – 150 words to the Dean, Institute of Mass Communication,
University of Delhi, seeking information about the course, admission procedure, eligibility criteria,
fee structure, hostel facilities, placement opportunities, etc.
Write a letter to the Yoga Institute, M.G. Road, Pune, enquiring about details of timing, batch
size, eligibility, etc. for joining the course.
You are Zac Skaria, a resident of # 412, Magna Greens Apartments, Gandhi Marg, Jonpara,
Mumbai. Three students of grade 10 from your residential complex have rescued and rehabilitated
a few old beggars from the neighbourhood. You think that their work deserves appreciation and
recognition. Write a letter to the President of the RWA, seeking recommendations for these youth,
to be nominated for the ‘Serving Citizens Award’. Suggest other ways such acts of kindness could be
recognised and awarded in the future.
You are Mamta/Manish of Class X living at 141, Hilton Apartments, Delhi. You are interested in pursuing
a course in Computer Hardware. Write a letter seeking information about the same. This is in response
to an advertisement you have read in the newspaper.
A new Literary club is due to open near your residence. You are keen to join it. Write a letter to the President
of the club to inquire about how you can sign up for membership.
On behalf of the Gymnastics club of your school, write a letter of inquiry to the manufacturer/supplier company
to inquire if they will be able to supply 200 sets of gymnastics costumes in one month.
The science club in your District is organising a science Exhibition. You are Adit, the President of the science club
in your school. Your team wants to participate in model making and Quiz competition. Write a letter of Inquiry seeking
information, rules for participation etc. to the President, of the Science Club.
The G-20 poster-making competition is being organised by the Department of Social Work. Write a letter to the Nodal
In-charge/ Programme Coordinator making enquiries about the same. Invent all necessary details.


How to Write an Enquiry Letter?

Follow the formal letter format and keep the tone polite. To write an enquiry letter start with mentioning your address followed by the date and the receiver’s address. In the main content, start with introducing yourself followed by the detailed enquiry. Write a concluding line and conclude the letter with your signature.

Is it Appropriate for a Follow-Up to the Sender of the Enquiry Letter?

Certainly, if the sender doesn’t reply in a certain period then the person can send a follow-up mail or call.

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