Class 10 Science Chapter 12 Electricity

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Class 10 Chapter 12 Electricity as the name suggests, covers everything about electricity in detail. The constitution of electricity, the flow of electricity in the circuit, how electricity can be regulated, and much more. The chapter also includes Ohm’s law, resistors, and heating effects of electric circuits. The questions constitute 7 marks in the CBSE Class 10 exams. The inclusion of CBSE Electricity Chapter 12 is to help students create a strong foundation especially when students want to pursue the field of science and technology. 

The understanding of concepts and topics included in the NCERT Chapter 12 can be done with the help of study materials like notes of electricity class 10 CBSE, question bank, mind maps, and support materials. Preparing the right study material can help in scoring good marks in the final examination.

S.No. Table Of Content
1 Chapter-wise Notes
2 DoE Worksheets
3 Experiential Learning Activities
4 Important Questions
5 Mind Maps
6 Question Bank
7 CBSE Support Material

CBSE Class 10 Electricity Notes

Below we have provided the links to downloadable PDFs of class 10 ch 12 science notes and get an in-depth explanation and understanding of the chapter.

<red> ➜   <red> Class 10 Electricity Notes

CBSE Class 10 Electricity DoE Worksheet

Below, we have provided the links to downloadable PDFs of DoE Worksheets for Electricity Class 10 to practice more questions. 

<red> ➜   <red> Worksheet 16

<red> ➜   <red> Worksheet 17

<red> ➜   <red> Worksheet 18

<red> ➜   <red> Worksheet 19

<red> ➜   <red> Worksheet 20

<red> ➜   <red> Worksheet 21

CBSE Class 10 Electricity Experiential Activities

Below, we have provided the links to downloadable PDFs of Experiential Learning Activity for ch 12 class 10 Science to help students implement their acquired knowledge in the real world.

<red> ➜   <red> Electricity Experiential Activities

CBSE Class 10 Electricity Important Questions

Below, we have provided Class 10 Science Important Questions that cover all the important questions in Electricity. 

<red> ➜   <red> Electricity Important Questions (View)

CBSE Class 10 Electricity Mind Maps

Below, we have provided Class 10 Science Mind maps that include mind maps of the related concepts in Electricity.

<red> ➜   <red> Electricity Mind Maps

CBSE Class 10 Electricity Question Bank

Below, we have provided Class 10 Science Question Banks that cover every typology question with detailed explanations from various resources in one place

<red> ➜   <red> CBSE Question Bank PDF

<red> ➜   <red> Kendriya Vidyalaya Question Bank

CBSE Class 10 Electricity Support Material

Below, we have provided Class 10 Science Support Materials that cover Case Study-based questions from the various concepts explained in Science NCERT chapters.

<red> ➜   <red> Electricity Support Material

Why Download These Chapter-wise PDFs?

Science Class 10 Electricity chapter can include both objective and subjective questions related to Ohm’s law, SI unit of current, and magnetic effects of currents. The study materials are exam-centric and with the help of visual study materials like mind maps can help in connecting the knowledge they have acquired. With the right preparation, working strategically can help students build a strong base and score at least 7 marks in the final exams. The chapter-wise study materials are effective for both teachers and students. 

  • Creating a study timetable and including these chapter-wise PDFs can help students prepare the chapters in a strategic and organized manner. Just allot sufficient time for understanding and revising the concepts.
  • Students wouldn’t have to juggle between numerous sites to find various study material that suits their learning style. The chapter-wise study material can be accessed in one place.
  • Download and browse these chapter-wise PDFs on any device in the comfort of your place by using an Internet connection.
  • After downloading these PDFs, students can get these educational materials printed and prepare accordingly. 

How Can This Chapter-wise Material Help Students?

The Science Electricity chapter-wise materials can help in completing the chapter from the 10th NCERT textbook in addition to the extra study materials. Students may efficiently prepare for the chapter by downloading chapter notes, DoE worksheets, question banks, key questions, and a plethora of additional study resources.

  • Students could structure and focus on a certain less strong area of the subject at hand by using science class 10 electricity notes.
  • When it comes to making quick and efficient preparations or refining the flow of concepts under a certain topic that you might have overlooked, mind maps are a valuable tool.
  • The DoE worksheets and question banks may be used to study for every category of question that will be analyzed in the tenth board examinations. Once they have mastered the material, students can make a timetable and practice answering pertinent questions.
  • Among the Class 10 CBSE, important questions are the recurring questions and the notion of questions you should practice for the test. You may improve your chances of receiving better exam marks by rehearsing important questions. 

Educators can use the additional materials and practice questions that Educart has provided to help students practice these topics completely. To download these PDFs, the user only has to verify themselves and click the link.

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