CBSE Class 12 Psychology 2024 Previous Year Papers

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CBSE Class 12 Psychology 2024 Previous Year Papers

Imagine understanding why people think, feel, and behave the way they do. Ever wondered why we dream? Why are some people more confident than others? Psychology has the answer to all these questions. The previous year's psychology paper helps you test your memory and understanding; it provides you with an opportunity to dive into the essentials required for clearing exams. 

Here at Educart, we have provided below a one-click downloadable link with solutions to equip our students and teachers with the right resources in the easiest and hassle-free way to make sure that their preparation becomes fun and interesting.

CBSE Class 12 Psychology
Question Papers 2024
(Marking Scheme)
63 (Main Set) Solution

Insights of the Class 12 Psychology Exam Pattern 

Understanding exam patterns is important for a better grasp of the concepts. The previous year's paper allows you to understand the exam and avoid any rush or anxiety while writing it. Here is a detailed view of the exam pattern: 

Sections Types of Questions No. of Questions
Section A Learning Check (Objective
Answer-type Questions)
15Q (1m)
Section B Very Short Answer-type
6Q (2m)
Section C Short Answer-type
3Q (3m)
Section D Long Answer-type
Questions I
4Q (4m)
Section E Long Answer-type
Questions II
2Q (6m)
Section F Case study-based
3Q (2m)

Section A: Multiple Choice Questions

MCQs in Psychology Class 12 are made to test basic knowledge; they cover all the major topics. 15 multiple-choice questions are present, each carrying one mark. 

Section B: Very Short Answer Questions (VSAQs)

Very Short Answer Questions test the conceptual clarity and ability to apply knowledge concisely. These questions require students to write concise answers. There are six Very Short Answer questions, each carrying 2 marks.

Section C: Short Answer Questions (SAQs)

These questions test deep understanding and the ability to explain. There are a total of three short-answer-type questions carrying 3 marks each. 

Section D: Long Answer Type Questions I

Long-answer type questions often involve multiple steps; there are a total of four questions carrying four marks each. 

Section E: Long Answer Type Questions II

Long Answer Type II questions have two questions, each carrying six marks, and require a precise and detailed answer approach. 

Section E: Case-based questions

These are mostly case-based or source-based questions and often involve complex problem-solving. There are four questions, each containing two marks.

How to Prepare for Making the Most of Class 12 Psychology? 

To effectively utilise the 12th Psychology question paper from last year, students need to adopt a strategic approach to their studies. Here are some tips: 

  • Active Learning Techniques: Engage with the material actively by taking notes, summarising sections, and discussing concepts with friends. This approach improves learning.
  • Enhance Your Preparation with Additional Resources: While the previous year's paper is comprehensive, using additional resources such as video lectures and reference books will help you enhance and improve your understanding and preparation. 
  • Consistent Study Schedule: Establish a regular study routine that allows you to cover each chapter thoroughly, allot specific time to cover each chapter, and maintain consistency. This helps in retaining the tough psychological concepts. 
  • Join Study Groups: Sometimes studying can be daunting, but this problem can be solved when you study in a group with your colleagues. Participating in study groups can provide support and enhance understanding through discussions, and it also provides different aspects of a question. 
  • Pomodoro Technique: Pomodoro techniques greatly help students make their study schedule; this ensures that you don't have burnout. It includes adding a short five-minute break to every 25-minute study session, and it also helps in reducing anxiety. 
  • Teach Back Method: The Teach Back method comes out very useful for some students. It is a method where you teach back your learning to your colleagues or friends, and this ensures proper revision. 

Download the CBSE Class 12 Psychology 2024 Previous Year Papers from the links given and start preparing for the board exams. 


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