CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Previous Year Question Paper 2013

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There are many ways to learn, prepare, and revise the concepts of Class 12 Chemistry. One of the most effective ways to improve your skills of attempting the paper is by solving Previous Year Papers.

In this page, we have made available CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Previous Year Question Paper to which the students appeared in 2013. You can download these papers to your device for absolutely no cost or login information.

But first, have a look and try to understand the pattern that was followed to set each of these Class 12 Chemistry (Code 043) Board Question Papers.

Sections Question Types No. of Questions
1m Questions Very Short Answer-type Questions 8Q (8m)
2m Questions Short Answer-type Questions I 8Q (16m)
3m Questions Short Answer-type Questions II 9Q (27m)
4m Question Value-based Question 1Q (4m)
5m Questions Long Answer-type Questions 3Q (15m)

According to the pattern of the paper, 29 questions were categorised into five types. Students had quite a number of internal choices, along with a Value-based Question within the 3m Questions to test the values they learn everyday.

Given below are the links to complete PDF files of CBSE Class 12 Chemistry 2013 Board Papers, Compartment Papers, and Marking Scheme Solutions.

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Papers 2013 Solutions (Marking Scheme)
56-1 Outside Delhi Scheme (Set 1) Solution
56-2 Outside Delhi Scheme (Set 2) Solution
56-3 Outside Delhi Scheme (Set 3) Solution
56-1-1 Delhi Scheme ( Set 1) Solution
56-1-2 Delhi Scheme (Set 2) Solution
56-1-3 Delhi Scheme (Set 3) Solution
56-C-1-1 Delhi Scheme (Compartment Set 1) Solution
56-2-1 Foreign Scheme (Set 1) Solution
56-2-2 Foreign Scheme (Set 2) Solution
56-2-3 Foreign Scheme (Set 3) Solution

These papers can help you in several ways but only if you attempt them properly. Here are some tips that you can follow to make the best of these papers.

  • Read the Pattern: To get an idea of the pattern, marks distributions, and important sections of the question paper.
  • Divide Proper Time: To complete the paper within the allotted time and leave some time for revision as well.
  • Write Answers in Bullets: To practice expressing your answer quickly and clearly. Paper checkers look for direct answers only.
  • Match your Answers: To learn from your mistakes and be confident about attempting the Board paper.


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