NCERT Books Class 9 Sanskrit

NCERT Books hold the most important role in Class 9 to 12 exam preparation. Every session begins with reading and understanding the concepts of the NCERT textbooks and exemplar books.

Below, we have provided direct download links to NCERT Books - Shemushi; both combined and separate chapter-wise PDFs. You can download them for free without entering any login information.

Class 9 Shemushi Complete Book

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Class 9 Shemushi Chapters

Chapters PDF Downloads
पाठ 1 भारतीवसन्तगीतिः
पाठ 2 स्वर्णकाकः
पाठ 3 गोदोहनम्
पाठ 4 कल्पतरूः
पाठ 5 सूक्तिमौक्तिकम्
पाठ 6 भ्रान्तो बालः
पाठ 7 प्रत्यभिज्ञानम्
पाठ 8 लौहतुला
पाठ 9 सिकतासेतुः
पाठ 10 जटायोः शौर्यम्
पाठ 11 पर्यावरणम्
पाठ 12 वाडमनःप्राणस्वरूपम्

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