Chapter 4

Class 10
6. “The impact of globalisation has not been uniform.” Explain this statement.


“The impact of globalisation has not been uniform.” Explain thisstatement.


The process of mutual relations and rapid integration between different countries of the world is called the process of globalization. Globalization has had a wide impact on all the countries of the world, but this effect is not uniform everywhere. The consumers of the affluent class have benefited from the competition between local and foreign producers. These consumers have more choices than ever before and are benefiting from the excellence, quality and low prices of a range of products. As a result these people are measuring a higher standard of living than before.

Globalization has brought many challenges to a large number of small producers and workers. Battery, plastics, toys, tyres, dairy products and edible oil industries are some examples where competition has prevented small manufacturers from surviving. Many such units were closed due to which many workers became unemployed. The pressure of globalization and competition has affected the lives of workers in a big way. Due to increasing competition, the employment of workers was not assured for a long time. The workers did not get their fair share in the benefits due to globalization. It is clear from all these things that globalization has not been beneficial for all. Educated, skilled and affluent people have made the best use of the new opportunities brought about by globalization. On the other hand, many people have not got any share in the profit.

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