Chapter 3

Class 9
1. Solve this crossword puzzle with the help of given clues.


Solve this crossword puzzle with the help of given clues.


1. Nagarjuna Sagar is a river valley project. Name the river.

2. The longest river in India.

3. The river originates from a place known as Beas Kund.

4. The river rises in the Betul district of MP and flows westwards.

5. The river was known as the "Sorrow" of West Bengal.

6. The river on which the reservoir for Indira Gandhi Canal has been built.

7. The river whose source lies near Rohtang Pass.

8. The longest river in Peninsular India?


9. A tributary of Indus originating from Himachal Pradesh.

10. The river flowing through the fault, drains into the Arabian Sea.

11. A river of south India, receives rainwater both in summer and winter.

12 .A river which flows through Ladakh, Gilgit and Pakistan.

13 .An important river of the Indian desert.

14. The river which joins Chenab in Pakistan.

15 .A river which rises at Yamunotri glacier.



1. Krishna

2. Ganga

3. Beas

4. Tapi

5. Damodar

6. Satluj

7. Ravi

8. Godavari


9. Chenab

10. Narmada

11. Kaveri

12. Indus

13. Luni

14. Jhelum

15. Yamuna

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