Chapter 1

Class 10
1. Have you ever been in great difficulty, and felt that only a miracle could help you ? How was your problem solved ? Speak about this in class with your teacher. Listening :


Listen to the letter (given below ‘In this Lesson’) read out by your teacher/on the audio tape. As you listen fill in the table given below :


Yes, I fell in great difficulty once in my life. I had met with an accident. It was late midnight and it was raining heavily with black clouds all around. While returning from my friend’s house, my bike slipped on I had serious injuries. I did not see any one on the streets for about one hour. I had no hope for getting any assistance and due to excess bleeding, I fainted. Some passing by stranger helped me and took me to the hospital and informed my parents. My life was saved as doctors later on revealed that if there had been a delay of another half hour, my life could not have been saved.

Listening :

She did not write to Aarti for long time.

A birthday card

September in year 2005

The writer moved to a new house.

School, “Little Feet”

Jaya is writing to Aarti.

They were together at Bangalore last year.

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