Chapter 5

Class 9
1. Compare the plant cell and animal cell.


Compare the plant cell and the animal cell.


Difference between Plant and Animal cell.

  1. In plant cells, a solid cell wall is found outside the cell membrane.
  2. Plastids are found in it. 
  3. Photosynthesis does not take place.
  4. Centrosomes is found in less-developed plants, but not found in more-developed plants.
  5. A large vacuole containing juice is found.
  6. All the cells of most plants are completely effective. Therefore, even a small piece can grow a whole plant.
  7. Centriole is not found in plant cells.
  8. Stored-carbohydrate foods usually have starch in them.
  9. During cell division, a cell plate is formed.
  10. Due to the chloroplast, they are autotrophs.

  1. The cell wall is absent in it.
  2. Plastids are absent in it.
  3. Photosynthesis can take place.
  4. A centrosome is absent in less developed animals but it is found in more developed animals.
  5. Flexible vacuole is found for water control whereas food vacuole is found for food digestion.
  6. Animal cells, normally, are not totipotent. Exception: Interstitial cells of hydra and Archaeocyte of sponges.
  7. Centriole is present in animal cells.
  8. Stored food contains glycogen in them.
  9. During cell division, there is a contraction between daughter cells.
  10. They are heterotrophs.

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