Chapter 3

Class 9
(a) What do you see in Picture 4.1? (b) Which age group is seen in the first picture?


(a) What do you see in Picture 4.1?

(b)Which age group is seen in the first picture?

(c) Can you say that the family shown in Picture 4.2 is a poor family? why?

(d)Can you imagine the source of livelihood of the people, (shown in two Pictures) before the occurrence of famine? (In the context of a village)

(e) Find out what type of help is given to the victims of a natural calamity at a relief camp.

(f) Have you ever helped such victims (in the form of money, food, clothes, medicines etc.)


(a) In Picture 4.1 we see the starvation victims of the famine arriving at a relief centre. Even their bones can be seen below their skin because of malnutrition.

(b) The age group seen in this picture is mostly the elderly, i.e., those who are past the age when they can work for a living. Probably, they were neglected by their family members due to the famine.

(c) Yes, it is a poor family for the following reasons:

(i) They look very weak and thin due to malnutrition.

(ii) They are wearing the minimum clothes and also no footwear. Probably, they could not afford better clothes or any footwear due to poverty.

(iii) They are leaving their village to go to the town where some earning potential may be there. This also shows that they are not earning enough in the village.

(d) As these people look like landless labourers, their source of livelihood must have been agriculture. The famine affected agriculture the maximum.

(e) The kinds of help given to victims of a natural calamity at a relief camp are of the following kinds

(i) Shelter A place to stay like a dormitory or tented arrangement for shelter from Sun and rain as well as a place to sleep in at night.

(ii) Food cooked in a common kitchen at least two meals in a day.

(iii) Medical help in case of injury or disease.

(iv) Clothes and monetary compensation are also given sometimes, depending on the calamity.

(f) Yes in the form of food and clothes.

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