CBSE Class 10 Topper Tips for Social Science

Class 10 Topper Tips to Score Maximum Marks in Social Science

Hey, friends! As per my discussion with the Educart team, I’m here to give you some great tips on how you can score 99% marks in CBSE Class 10 Social Science Board Paper without stressing yourself out.

As we know, Class 10 Social Science curriculum includes four major subjects - History, Geography, Civics, and Economics. Each of these subjects require a different approach of understanding, learning, and remembering the concepts.

Once you master that, all you are left with is attempting that paper in a way that the paper checker just can’t deduct marks. Let’s take a look how you can do that.


The CBSE Class 10 Social Science (Code 087) Board Paper has maximum theoretical questions, for which you must know the word limit. In addition, you can keep the following things in mind.

  • 15-Minute Hack: Make most of the 15 minutes given before the exam and read the whole paper thoroughly. You can also think about the map answers already.
  • Paper Pattern: Read and try to understand the division of sections and marks given in the beginning of the paper.
  • Internal Choices: Look for internal choices and mark the questions you think you can answer the best.
  • Sections Order: Decide which section you will need to answer first so that you can manage your time best.
  • Stay on Track: Keep a look on your watch to stay motivated to keep going.
  • Word Limit: Do not exceed the word limit for any question. This will help you save time.
  • Supplementary Information: Add relevant diagrams in Geography and flowcharts in Political Science, if the question is 3m or more.
  • Good Handwriting: Your answers are of no use if they are not legible. So, make sure you don’t rush into writing all the answers.
  • Attach the Map: Never forget to attach the map with the sheet. If required, take multiple threads to make sure it stays put.
  • Revise at the End: Leave some time to analyse the questions you were confused about.

Confused about how to study the paper pattern? Read along to understand in detail how you can attempt each section of the Social Science paper capably.

  1. Objective Questions: This section consists of MCQs, Fill in the Blanks, VSAs, Assertion Reason, and Source-based questions.
  • Do not spend more than 2 minutes per question.
  • In the case of MCQ and A/Rs, read every question carefully and then only choose the answer.
  • In MCQ, if unsure, follow the rule of elimination to come up with the right option.
  • In A/R questions, you can put each statement in an individual perspective to comprehend if they can be true or false.
  • In source-based questions, you must give the passage a quick read. Then you will easily be able to answer the questions on time. These can be completed within a few minutes in the beginning of the paper.
  • Since these questions hold 1m each, don’t put too much effort in writing long answers. Stick to the objective answer only. The paper checker will only be looking for the key value points to award full marks.

  1. Short Answer-type Questions (SA): This section will be for 3m each requiring answers in not more than 80 words.
  • Answer all the questions in bullets to make your answer presentable and clearly understandable.
  • Make sure you underline the key points to make it easy for the paper checker to score your answers.
  • Stick to the point without deviating from what is asked in the question. This saves you time and increases your chances for full marks.

  1. Long Answer-type Questions: This section will include all 5m questions.
  • Reserve the longest time possible for writing the answers and attempt them at the end. They hold maximum marks of the paper and require lengthy answers.
  • Read every question and their parts carefully, and then answer them one by one.
  • Provide more than 5 bullet points for each question, especially the questions asking about an event, personality or 
  • Re-check if you have not left out any part from a question. A very common mistake!

  1. Map-related Questions: 
  • Read each question carefully so that you don’t miss out any question or its sub-part.
  • If you have learned the map readings with the help of directions then mark them on the map as soon as the paper starts.
  • Try to colour scheme the answers with pencil colours only and not sketch pens. You can also allot a pattern/ symbol to your answers.
  • Avoid writing the answers on the answer sheet and mark them only on the map.
  • Map questions are usually the easiest to answer, so you can get done with them as soon as you are given a map.


In addition to an abundance of information regarding the latest syllabus, we also have additional, examination-related resources by CBSE that can help us score good marks. I’m a fan of solving Previous Year Papers, Sample Papers, and Practice Papers!

Here are the common mistakes that you can avoid while attempting the Social Science paper.


History questions are mostly subjective and they ask for lengthy answers. Here is how you can attempt the different questions about History in the paper carefully.

  • Keep the Dates in Mind: If not anything else, History is a subject covering a lot of events and reigns. So, while attempting such questions, you must write the dates carefully stating specifically to the said event.
  • Stick to the Point: In event-based questions, make sure you stay on track and write your answer relating to the event only. In case of doubt, you can add some related surrounding information and complete your answer to score better marks.
  • Avoid Paragraphs: As advised earlier, it is best if you write all your answers in bullets (for questions with 3-5m). Also, add flowcharts to explain your answer, if needed.


Geography questions can sometimes be hard to attempt as they have information of the WORLD! But if you keep the following things in mind, you are good to go.

  • Avoid Excessive Explanation: If a question is asking about Arid Soil, mention definitions/ information only related to that soil. Do not add any other facts or information.
  • Answer Every Part: It is common to leave out a sub-part of a question when you are stressed about a lengthy paper. And even if you know the answer, it wouldn’t matter. So, make sure you mark the answered questions.
  • Visual Aids: Adding flowcharts, diagrams, and other pictorial forms of answers make your answer sheet look presentable. Make sure you add them on the same page as the answer.

Political Science

While attempting the Political Science questions, I tried my best to avoid the following mistakes:

  • Event Dates: Like History, Political Science also includes several events, for which you must keep the correct dates in mind and revise them as you write.
  • Adding Examples: Not giving enough references in support of the answers can cost you valuable marks. So, add them wherever you can, ensuring that the crux of the answer is not missed.
  • Current Affairs: Having knowledge on the latest news related to your chapters or a topic (say, Political Parties) can be of great use in Political Science. You can cite some information to add more credibility to your answers.


Similar to other subjects. Economics is also a wide subject. But your answers should also be precise and to the point. Do the following to ensure maximum marks.

  • Read the Data Carefully: In table-based questions, make sure you read the headings and subheadings correctly so that there are no silly mistakes.
  • Justify your Answers: In questions where you are required to comment or provide justification for a statement, make sure your answer is completely in accordance with the same. Do not deviate from the requirement.
  • Add Tables and Charts: Draw visual aids wherever possible even if they are not asked for.


Scoring good marks in Social Science can be challenging but it is not impossible. You just have to make sure that you have all the right study material and resources available to revise everything on time.

I strongly recommend the EDUCART FINAL REVISION OF ALL SUBJECTS 2021 for a complete revision of all the main subjects in a quick turnaround.

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