Class 10 Hindi B Language Lesson Plan

CBSE Class 10 Hindi 'B' Chapter-wise Lesson Plans

There are many advantages to having a Hindi B Lesson Plan. A Lesson Plan allows the teachers to translate the curriculum into overall activities. It helps in aligning the TLM (Teacher Learning Material). Teachers can also map their activities with learning outcomes as well as learning objectives for assessment purposes. 

In the table given below, we have provided the links to download chapter-wise lesson plan sources from the DIKSHA Platform for Class 10 Hindi B Language. With these, we hope to make the work of school teachers easier.

Class 10 Hindi B - Sanchayan Bhag 2  Lesson Plan

Chapter 1 - Harihar Kaka Download
Chapter 2 - Sapno ke se Din Download
Chapter 3 - Topi Shukla Download

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Class 10 Hindi B -  Sparsh Bhag 2  Lesson Plan

Chapter 1 - Sakhi Download
Chapter 2 - Meera ke Pad Download
Chapter 3 - Bihari ke Dohe Download
Chapter 4 - Manushyata Download
Chapter 5 - Parvat Pradesh Me Pavas Download
Chapter 6 - Madhur Madhur Mere Deep Jal Download
Chapter 7 - Top Download
Chapter 8 - Kar Chale Hum Fida Download
Chapter 9 - Aatmatran Download
Chapter 10 - Bade Bhai Sahab Download
Chapter 11 - Diary ka Ek Panna Download
Chapter 12 - Tantara Vamiro Katha Download
Chapter 13-Teesri Kasam Download
Chapter 15 - Ab Kahan Download
Chapter 17- Kartoos Download

Class 10 Hindi 'B' is essential for students as well as teachers to make the learning experience more engaging and interesting for students. An effective lesson plan will help students in developing an interest in Hindi or any subject.

It is necessary to curate a well-structured lesson plan that has a balance of language skills, literature, and grammar to help students develop a comprehensive understanding and make them prepare for the exam. We hope that the above lesson plans will prove to be beneficial for teachers as well as the student

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