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Listening to stories or storytelling via creating fake scenarios to hide the truth, has been part of any individual’s life since childhood. Like happens in movies, the introduction scenes, the interval that leaves us at a cliffhanger then the climax where a happy ending is expected. 

Well in the CBSE curriculum, story writing has been incorporated to help students improve their creative and critical thinking skills. It helps in developing communication skills as well. We might also find some potential writers.  This writing piece will cover everything regarding what a story is, the structure of story writing, format, and some examples that will help write good stories, especially from the exam’s pov. 

Students can download this PDF for several invitations and replies to class 12 writing samples and practice questions.

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S.No. Table Of Content
1 What is Story Writing
2 Structure of Story Writing
3 Components of Story Writing
4 Examples of Story Writing
5 Techniques to Follow For Story Writing
6 Practice Questions
7 Frequently Asked Questionss

What is Story Writing?

A story can be a description of unreal or real events starting from character introductions leading to the plot unfolding in a setting, finally concluded by the climax. A story can be written, told, or executed in visual form like in movies. Based on the plot, a story can have various genres like comedy, horror, and action.

Story writing refers to the technique or process of narrating a narrative where the writer sets forth a plot that is driven by a situation leading to the main problem, followed by finding the solution to the problem, and finally, the climax that deals with the outcome of the solution. 

In the Class 9 CBSE curriculum stories can enhance student's vocabulary, creativity, and language skills that can turn into a hobby and later on a potential writer. Students or anyone can write a well-knitted story once they know the components as well as the format of the story.

Structure of Story Writing 

There is no specific format for story writing but from the exam’s perspective, the basic structure has to be followed.

Components of Story Writing 

One needs to be aware of the components of the story writing, to write a well-knitted and engaging story.

  1. Characters: There is no story without its character, although the number of characters can vary from single to multiple based on the plot of the story. The character traits and behavior and their progression throughout the story depend on the story plot. A character’s personality might remain constant or get completely changed at the end.
  2. Setting: The setting in story writing refers to the place where the story starts and the characters are based on depending on the writer’s imagination. The place can exist in real life or can totally be fictional. It can include a forest, a house, or a room.
  3. Plot: A plot refers to what the writer has written about or what the written story consists of. It is usually considered the journey of characters starting with the introduction, events leading to the problems, followed by finding the solution, then the climax, and the ending of the journey on the decided note.
  4. Theme: The theme refers to the main idea behind the story, the main message the writer wants to convey via a story. The most common theme used by the scriptwriters is revenge. For example, you might have seen Avengers: Endgame and the main theme behind the movie was courage, endurance, and teamwork.
  5. Conflict: The conflict is the main situation where usually the protagonist faces a problem that completely changes them leading to the final ending. For example, the moment the protagonist comes to know about the betrayal they embark on their journey to take revenge.

Examples of Story Writing

You are Ajay. You have forgotten to do your homework and without a legitimate excuse, you’re sure to get punished by the teacher. In an attempt to make an excuse, you have decided to come up with an elaborate story to make the teacher believe your excuse or at the very least have a good laugh. Use any of the word prompts given in the box below to help you write your ruse. Write the story in about 100-120 words.

Homework, School, Bicycle, Water, Ate, Dinosaur, Giant, Flying, Dirty, Father

The Flying Elephant and My Homework

I’m sorry ma’am, I couldn’t do my homework because … I was on my way back from school yesterday thinking about all the chores and homework I have to do. Then suddenly, my bicycle got a flat tire and skidded down a slope. I was lucky I didn’t have a bad fall. So I was dragging my bicycle along and on the way, I saw two elephants and their mahouts training. It was exciting to see them and somehow these elephants looked special.

The first elephant started flapping his ears and before you know it, it got bigger and bigger and he started flying. I asked them if they could drop me, and they agreed to make me ride the flying elephant but with one condition, I had to feed the elephant the next day. Feeling ecstatic, I just said, ‘Yes’.

I was over the moon when the elephant started flying. It buzzed through all the traffic and I reached home within minutes. I thanked the mahouts and dashed into the house to tell my story. After dinner, I completed my homework and decided to hit the sack.

In the morning, a loud trumpet woke me up. I saw that the elephant was back and made me recall what I promised to the mahout. I got a couple of snacks from the fridge and offered them to the elephant but the elephant wouldn’t eat anything. Then all of a sudden, the elephant raised his trunk and started sucking in air like a vacuum, and all the leaves in the garden and the paper from all the books in our library flew straight into the elephant’s mouth. The mahout mentioned that his elephant liked the paper. After eating all the paper it flew off with the mahout.

I went back in to get ready for school and I realized that my homework was gone and I couldn’t write a new one because the elephant had eaten all the papers in my house.

You had been preparing for an interview for the last few days. You faced the interview and succeeded. Write the story in 100-120 words (Take help from the outline given) from your preparation to your success. Outline: Interview for the post of cub reporter—facing interview board—answering questions with well-prepared arguments—happy to be accepted and eager to serve.

My First Job

I was scared but eager to land my first job as a cub reporter in a children’s newspaper. I dressed carefully for the interview and arrived on time. On the threshold itself, my throat felt dry and my hands shook slightly as I turned the door knob. But when the interview board of six people welcomed me warmly, my fears vanished. I felt composed as I was well prepared.

The board went through my file of write-ups. They invited me to join a group discussion on whether schools should give homework. I argued vehemently in favor, countering the board’s stock suggestions about burdening children, making parents into homework writing machines, and children inattentive in class. The Board seemed satisfied with my refutations in favor of giving homework.

In the end, I felt a palpable air of satisfaction all around. Thus, when their final approval accepting me as a cub reporter arrived, I was ready to take off on my new assignment.

Techniques to Follow For Story Writing

Story writing is an art. It is the oldest form of written composition. It is a work of imagination that should be clear and easily intelligible. A short story is meant to be read in a single sitting and therefore it should be as direct and brief as possible.

  • Developing and writing a good story needs the art of narration. You have to narrate the incidents in a sequential order leading to the conclusion.
  • You should follow the basic theme as given in the input or introductory lines. You are not supposed to invent new and different themes.
  • Within the given limits, students are left with enough space to give expression to their creative talents.
  • The beginning and the concluding lines must support the main part of the events described in the story.

Practice Questions

List of all the topics for story writing in English practice.

Story Writing Topics for Practice
Write a story on “Scary Night”
Write a story on “Honesty Pays in the Long Run”
Write a story on “Two Boys in a Jungle”
Write a story on “The Return Gift”
Continue the story from “It was a lovely rainy day. I was enjoying a cup of tea
while sitting on the balcony of my 1st floor flat. Suddenly I felt dizzy and the
cup fell from my hand. I … ”
Continue the story from “Reena, a 10-year-old brave girl who lived in a slum
with her relatives. One day when she was alone at home...”
Continuing the story from “A woodcutter earned his living by cutting wood from the jungle
and selling it in the market. One day when he was cutting down a tree on the bank of a river,
his axe fell into the river. He was…”
Continue the story from “The next day was the annual day of my school. I was very excited as
I had participated in many activities. Moreover, I was going to receive the ‘Best Student Trophy’ for 2017 – 18.
Late at night, I heard a strange sound. My mother woke me up and told me that ... ... ….”
Continuing the story from “It was raining heavily, the street lights had gone off and I was alone,
coming back from my tuition class. It was 8 p.m. and very cold. Suddenly I…”
Continuing the story from “One day I was sleeping in my room. Suddenly I had difficulty breathing.
On waking up I found smoke coming into my room. I got up and opened my window. Peeping out I saw ... ... …”
Continuing the story from “Grandmother will turn seventy next week. What shall we do to celebrate
her birthday ?’’ said Neena. Hari suggested ... ... ...”
Continuing the story from It was the night before my Pre-Board examination. I was studying.
My parents were asleep in the next room. Suddenly I ...
Continuing the story, I saw a cute puppy — looked sick and scared — gripped with pity — started petting the puppy —
decided to take it home —my mother was not happy — narrated the whole story — gave milk — named it Tabby —
now a most loved member of my family.

Story Writing Topics for Practice
Continuing the story from Two friends — Sheena and Seema — loved to dance — a competition was held —
both participants at an inter-school dance competition — both wished each other — the audience applauded both of them —
the result time — both stood first — and became best friends forever.
Continuing the story Ramu was surprised to see a stranger in his room. He shouted to call his parents but nobody responded. Suddenly he saw ...
Continuing the story a house on fire —babysitting at one of the windows — all confused — a young man —
risks his life — takes a ladder — saves the boy — everyone cheers.
Continuing the story, Swami Vivekananda — walking along a river bank — monkeys — very fierce —Vivekananda frightened —
turned back — ran — monkeys chased — experienced old man — advised to face monkeys — Vivekananda stopped —
monkeys saw him fearless — ran away.
Continuing the story Tortoise is known for his slow pace — hare makes fun — tortoise challenges him to a race — referee appointed —
start — hare overconfident — takes a nap — tortoise wins.
Continuing the story a merchant deals in salt .... has an ass ..... loads it with salt .... ass falls into the river .... load lighter ....
next day falls purposely .... feels happy .... master loads it with cotton ..... ass repeats the trick .... load heavier ..... repents.
Continuing the story Ram was in a hurry. He came running out of his house. He was feeling very excited. All of a sudden he saw ...
Continuing the story Outside a crowded city mall, I saw a crowd pacifying a lady. She was crying bitterly. Her five-year-old son ...
Continuing the story Mahesh’s father was a very strict person. One day Mahesh, who was twelve years
old, came home sporting a new haircut. His father ...
Continuing the story A small boy ........ sitting in a park ........ finds a purse ........ money, bank cards, etc. ........ tempted to keep money ........
cannot decide ........ feels guilty ........ finds the owner ........ hands it over ........ praised, and gets a reward.
Continuing the story It had rained heavily and the road was water-logged. The school was over and the students were coming out of the school gate when...


How to write a story?

For story writing in English, students have to read the question carefully and make a rough description based on the given hints in the question. Add an apt title for the story and start story writing from the beginning till the end. Students can also include morals if required. 

What are the different formats of story writing?

The basic format for story writing includes the appropriate title and starting your story while creating an engaging setup and the character introduction. Start writing the plot of the story and end the story with a conclusion.

What are the steps in writing a story?

There are five main steps for writing a story- title, the beginning of the story(character introduction and plot), and the climax/conclusion.

How to access different samples of story writing for class 9?

Different samples of story writing for Class 9 can be downloaded from this link.

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