CBSE Class 12 Hindi Core Previous Year Question Paper 2018

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Board examinations play an important part in the evaluation of students’ knowledge. They are held every year with an improved pattern by CBSE in order to test how much students have learned throughout their session.

In this page, we have provided the CBSE Class 12 Hindi Core Board Question Papers, Compartment Papers, Marking Scheme Solutions, and Topper Answer Sheet so that the teachers and students can get an idea of the pattern that was preferred in 2018. But before downloading the files, take a look at the paper pattern explained in the table given below.

Section Types of Questions No. of Questions
Section A Reading 2Q (16m)
Section B Writing 5Q (20m)
Section C Literature 7Q (44m)

According to this pattern, the Hindi Core 2018 Question Papers included 14 questions classified into four sections - A, B, and C with a few internal choices.

We hope both teachers and students are able to benefit from these files. Here are some of the tips that the students can follow for solving these papers and make the best of them.

  • You must take out separate time to solve the paper according to the allotted one. This will help increase your speed of attempting a paper.
  • Solving these papers must be like you are solving the actual paper. Always keep required things handy like maps and stationery to avoid wasting time.
  • Don’t peek at answers as these papers are provided to help you avoid mistakes and learn from them.


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