CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Previous Year Question Paper 2014

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Do you always feel that you have left out something in your Chemistry Board preparation? Download all these Chemistry 2014 Question Papers, solve them, and gain confidence on your revision skills.

These papers are best to improve your ability to attempt a paper and answer questions correctly. They give you an idea of the types of questions usually asked in exams. Take a look at the paper pattern and download the files to your computer for offline access.

Sections Question Types No. of Questions
1m Questions Very Short Answer-type Questions 8Q (8m)
2m Questions Short Answer-type Questions I 10Q (20m)
3m Questions Short Answer-type Questions II (Including 1 Value-based Questions) 9Q (27m)
5m Questions Long Answer-type Questions 3Q (15m)

According to the pattern of the paper, 30 questions were categorised into four types. Students had quite a number of internal choices, along with a Value-based Question within the 3m Questions to test the values they learn everyday.

Given below are the links to complete PDF files of CBSE Class 12 Chemistry 2014 Board Papers, Compartment Papers, Marking Scheme Solutions, and Topper Answer Sheet.

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Papers 2014 Solutions (Marking Scheme)
56-1 Outside Delhi Scheme (Set 1) -
56-2 Outside Delhi Scheme (Set 2) Solution
56-3 Outside Delhi Scheme (Set 3) Solution
56-C-1 Outside Delhi Scheme (Compartment Set 1) Solution
56-C-2 Outside Delhi Scheme (Compartment Set 2) Solution
56-C-3 Outside Delhi Scheme (Compartment Set 3) Solution
56-1-1 Delhi Scheme ( Set 1) Solution
56-1-2 Delhi Scheme (Set 2) Solution
56-1-3 Delhi Scheme (Set 3) Solution

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Papers 2014 Solutions (Marking Scheme)
56-C-1-1 Delhi Scheme (Compartment Set 1) Solution
56-C-1-2 Delhi Scheme (Compartment Set 2) Solution
56-C-1-3 Delhi Scheme (Compartment Set 3) Solution
56-2-1 Foreign Scheme (Set 1) Solution
56-2-2 Foreign Scheme (Set 2) Solution
56-2-3 Foreign Scheme (Set 3) Solution

Once you solve these papers, look through the Topper Answer Sheet, and match your answers from the Marking Scheme Solutions, you will notice that:

  • you have overcome the fear of attempting board papers;
  • you have improved speed in analysing the paper pattern and answering the questions;
  • you can find your own mistakes while attempting the questions; and
  • you know some tricks to solve the paper in an impressive way.


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