Complete NEET Preparation Guide: Score Booster for NEET 2024 Exam

Detailed tips to take your preparation one step ahead for NEET 2024.

6 NEET Preparation Strategy to Push Your Limits and Get Your Dream College

Students who want to become doctors, NEET is the first step in their journey ahead. To take the second step, which is studying in a good medical college, having the best first step is needed. 

What does it mean? It means, scoring good marks in NEET to get the best college. In this article we share the tips and tricks with some examples of how you take your journey of NEET preparation further.

Tips for NEET 2024- Crack it with Your Full Potential

NEET has lots of competition and students are preparing with their full potential. It is important for all the NEET aspirants to pull their socks and be ready for the journey full of highs and lows. Here we share six NEET preparation tips by toppers and some issues and their solutions to keep your NEET preparation journey on track.

Students Checking NEET (UG)-2022 Final Exam List

1) Avoid Distractions

Being distracted is normal, especially in the era of smartphones. Now every study material is available on the phone, so while studying many notifications come and you can be distracted easily.

TV is a distraction from being awesome. ― James Blacker

Other than TV and smartphones there are distractions also such as get togethers, family functions, partying with friends, etc. If you choose these things over your NEET preparation, you will end up in guilt.

If you want to score good marks, just immerse yourself in study and try not to get distracted by things around you easily. This will also help you in avoiding distractions.

2) Keep Your Interest Intact

NEET preparation is a long process and studying for a long time can lead to less interest in study. You need a internal driving force to keep the interest in you, and for this some methods are:

  1. Always ask questions about why you started preparation - the goal.
  2. Study daily at the same time, this gives a signal to your mind about your fixed study hours.
  3. Prepare a time table. If you have never prepared a time table before. Then check this article here to get help.
  4. Analyze your goals and results. Change the strategy if you do not find worthwhile results.

3) Revise Daily

Follow a technique for revising the previous studied material. Use 1,7, and 21 days methods. For example: If you studied a chapter on Monday, revise it on Tuesday (after one day). Then revise the same chapter after a week (Next Monday), and then after three weeks. This method will store the content in your long term memory. 

Prepare a chart to maintain a track, when you have revised different content. During the exam time, you will save time by just viewing the bullet points to revise the whole chapter. You can make cheat sheets while studying and use them for revision. 

4) Practice Mock Papers

Check different test series by solving 2-3 test papers and choose which suits you best. Important factors of a good mock paper book. It should follow the latest pattern, add previous year questions, provide solutions, time management charts, and fits into the budget. As Educart has all these features in NEET book.

5) Importance of Mnemonics 

For information recall, using mnemonics during preparation helps you a lot. For example, if you want to remember the order of Taxonomic classification of systems in Biology then you remember this with the “Sab Gaye Family Old Cold Drink Pee” mnemonic. As you can see the below given image.

Educart NEET Chapterwise Topicwise Solutions Biology

Practice the technique of using mnemonics several times to remember it perfectly. When you repeatedly practice it for several days, then it becomes an easier way to recall information. You can also say mnemonics to other people, it is also a good way to remember.

6) Use Technology for Preparation

In the era of technology, you will find a good number of resources online. But remember the first point, do not get distracted. Youtube videos, articles, pdfs, all the great material is available online. You just need some good skills about how to find the right things on Google in less time. 

Youtube videos are really helpful to understand details about every topic. Many live classes are also taken by youtubers in which they personally take queries from students. You can participate there and solve all your study related issues.

Final Thoughts

Taking admission in a good college is a dream of every NEET aspirant. And they work hard for their goals also. But because of a few mistakes, the goal can not be completed, nothing will be more disheartening than this. So prepare well for exams and give your best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All the important questions asked by NEET candidates are stated below:

What is the ideal duration of NEET preparation?

To perform better in exams, students must prepare for one year. If you are running out of time. 8 months to 6 months are also good to reserve a seat in Government college. 

How many hours a day should I study for NEET?

With the right strategy, 8-10 hours of study is good. Do not compromise sleep and health with preparation.

Which subject is tough in NEET?

The level of questions in exams are better than the medium to higher level. Biology and Physics can have easy to medium level questions but Chemistry will be tough for students.

What is a passing NEET score?

The category of marks are divided, such as general students need 715-117, OBC/SC/ST 116-93, General - PH 116-105, OBC/ SC/ ST- PH 104-93.

How many attempts are allowed in NEET?

There is no restriction in number of attempts as per National Testing Agency (NTA) (Regulatory body for NEET exams).

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