Latest Deleted Syllabus for NCERT Textbooks 22-23

NCERT updates reduced chapters and topics in textbooks for classes 9th to 12th.
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<red> May 17th, 2022 <red>

Rationalised Syllabus in NCERT Textbooks for Class 9 to 12

BIG NEWS for students and teachers! NCERT has uploaded a PDF resource with rationalised topics and subtopics for all classes and chapters as per the 2022-23 reduced syllabus, from which chapters and topics have been deleted in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As stated by NCERT, the National Education Policy 2020 was released to take off some load of content from students so they can focus on competency-based, experiential learning and improve their 21st century skills. This is why the syllabus has been reduced multiple times in the past couple years.

Now, NCERT has uploaded PDFs to download for all subjects with their reduced chapters, topics and subtopics (look at the below screenshot). These topics are said to be deleted with Learning Outcomes in consideration.

Deleted chapters & topics from Class 12 Biology NCERT textbook

It is safe to say that all these topics are now permanently deleted from the NCERT books and CBSE syllabus and students will not have to study them again. There is also a good possibility that this reduced syllabus will be followed in competitive exams like NEET and CUET next year.

So, it is important for students to understand these changes from now on. Click on the links given below to access all the reduced chapters and topics in tabular form.

Class NCERT Rationalised Syllabus
Class 9 View
Class 10 View
Class 11 View
Class 12 View
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