Productive Summer!! How to Make the Most Out of Summer Break?

How to be productive during Summer Vacation?

<red> July 1st, 2023 <red>

Approach the Summer Break with a Productive Mindset. Learn to Cook, Read and Volunteer to Make it More Fun

Summer vacation is finally here!!!! And we are loving it. The picture below describes all of our moods for this summer (or at least it did mine). 

While we are at it, the truth is not all of us get to go on a trip or a real vacation (sadly).

And most of the students might also have boards this year. So, in that case, you must be here to find ways to stay productive this summer. 

Two types of students on summer vacation

Don't worry, by PRODUCTIVE, I do not mean to present you with a 6-hour+ study plan. My list of productive activities is going to be fun and interesting (Including a few study sesh suggestions because come on schools got to open sometime soon).

Treat yourself on a YOU day

A self-care day never disappoints you. After continuous classes for months, a day for just yourself is exactly what you need. Start journaling, go for walks, listen to music, and watch your favorite movie/show. Do everything you couldn't do due to lack of time during regular classes.

Even if you are in 10th or 12th, taking a day off once in a while to relax might just be the right choice amidst your overwhelming schedule. (said no one ever, and don't tell your mom I did either).  

Learn a new skill (cooking/baking/sports)

Who doesn't wants to bake cute cupcakes and pastries? This is your sign to hunt down those saved reels and recipes in your social media saved/archive. 

You can also learn a new sport or brush up your skills at any sport you already have a likeness for. 

Inspiration to learn baking or any sport ;)

Devote your extra time to learning a new sport and baking, and who knows, some brownies might just be the right decision to shut your relative’s mouth. ( kidding, unless...) 

Read novels/books 

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free”- Fredrick Douglass 

Summer Vacation is the perfect time for you to read and develop a love for books. Genres such as fantasy and realism are perfect for engaging young minds. 

A long long time ago…(no I'm not a millennial just wanted to make it look dramatic). Yes so, the books I read as a student in school still have a huge impact on me. Some of them are-

Images of books mentioned below
  • Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling 
  • Chronicles of Narnia- C.S. Lewis 
  • The Diary of a young girl- Anne Frank 
  • I am Malala- Malala Yousafzai
  • The room on the roof- Ruskin Bond 

Furthermore, Reading also helps you to develop critical thinking. So, in a way, the kind of books you read will help you in the long run.    

Spend quality time with family 

From Monday to Saturday, the hectic school schedule offers you and your family zero quality time together. So, this summer vacation, spend time with your family as much as you can.

Help your mother with daily chores

Help your mother, do the daily chores at home, go out with your father, and don’t forget to enjoy a cozy family movie session along with some popcorn and nachos. 


Try volunteering. There are numerous NGOs offering Summer volunteer programs in India. You can choose the type of NGO you want to serve or can most empathize with. 

It will not only provide you with a sense of satisfaction but also a certificate. (YAY, ik). 

Try to cover topics you thought were otherwise time-taking 

I know it's summer but hey, it's Boards this year. The most you can do this summer is STUDY. You have to find time to study the chapters covered already in school or are being covered in your tuitions. And, the best way to practice well is to use a reference book like Educart Question Banks that explains concepts in simple language and provides solutions to all questions that provides us with conceptual clarity of NCERT topics.

So, the lengthy chapters will no longer be your worst fears. 

Watch education-related videos 

No, I’m not asking you to take a pen and paper and make notes. What I mean is that you are going to use a lot of screen time in the summer anyways so, why not devote some of it to educational reels? 

Trust me it's fun. Just lay there in bed and swipe reels and here’s the catch- get some knowledge as well. 

If you have your boards ahead, you sure can do some of the above activities but studying daily even if it's just for 2-3 hours is a necessity. 

But guys, honestly whatever you do, and no matter how productive you get, the truth is, we are just this cat at the end of summer breaks. (not me though I am like this every weekend, hehe you caught me, every day) 

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