One Final Term 2 Practice with Educart

See why teachers are recommending this book for the FINAL Term 2 practice.

How to Prepare in a Month for Class 10 Board Exams with Educart Term 2 Final Revision Book?

Many students prepare for their board exams till the last minute while some lack confidence even after a lot of practice. This calls for a useful resource for ONE FINAL PRACTICE that can combine all aspects of revision and sample paper practice for you in a single place.

The Educart Term 2 Final Revision Book for all Class 10 main subjects - English, Maths, Science and SST; is just the book. But don’t worry. We won’t just hand over this book in your hands.

Given below is a step-by-step strategy to use this book for an efficient final practice of Term 2 boards.

STEP 1: Read all the NCERT Focus Points

  • Start by reading the important focus points and concise summary of every Term 2 chapter. These points (specific to different topics of the chapter) are developed while keeping the 100% subjective paper pattern in mind.
  • Make your own notes to recall all the topics of a chapter so you can solve the practice questions confidently.

Look at the screenshot below for an example.

Focus Points of Social Science in Educart Term 2 Final Revision Book

STEP 2: Practice Solved Examples (MOST LIKELY Questions)

  • Once you have an idea of the chapter’s theory, you can use it to solve the MOST LIKELY subjective questions provided right after.

These questions are designed to test your competencies and how you use your thinking, analytical and understanding skills to write the answers. Solving these questions will help you get an idea of the paper pattern and type of questions to be asked in board exams.

MOST LIKELY Questions for Class 10 Mathematics Term 2 Board exams

STEP 3: Solve Sample Papers

  • If you feel you are ready to practise unsolved questions, move over to the Term 2 Final Sample Paper given for every subject.
  • Sample Papers are known to be the most essential resource for board exam practice and it helps when they are completely based on CBSE Sample Papers.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure that you follow Time Management Charts given (in the beginning of the book) to break down proper time to every question.
Science Term 2 Sample Paper for One Final Practice

STEP 4: Self-evaluate your Answers

  • Practice doesn’t end with solving sample papers. Instead, now you should check your answers for mistakes and how they can be improved based on the Self-evaluation charts (answer checklist based on CBSE Marking Scheme).
  • Detailed explanations, solutions and these self-evaluation charts for all subject Sample Papers are uploaded on our website on this link.
Self-evaluation Charts as part of the Sample Paper online solutions on Educart’s website

If we have learnt anything from the Term 1 paper pattern, it’s that there are going to be questions absolutely to test your analytical skills and other competencies. So, it is vital that you focus on final board preparation with such types of questions and the latest paper pattern only.

Educart Final Revision Book is filled with such new pattern questions, which is why all the teachers have been recommending this book to students.

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