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Why Solving NEET Sample Papers 2023 is Important for Students? Neet Practice Paper

Students going for NEET(UG) examination

In this article, we will share all the secrets of solving NEET sample papers 2023, their benefits and last all the useful tips to attempt NEET sample papers 2023 in the best possible way

After school, every student wants to get admission to their dream college. But for that, they have to take multiple stages such as completing syllabus, classes, weekly/ monthly tests, revision, final exam and result. 

We can not change all these steps but we can make them easy and ensure that we get the best marks and our favourite college. .

What are NEET Sample Papers Question 2023? - Neet Practice Paper

Preparing for NEET can be stressful, but solving sample/mock papers helps you to get familiar with the exam structure and question patterns. This is also beneficial for self-evaluation. 

On the basis of your good performance in mock tests, you can continue the same preparation strategy, but you should change/restructure your strategy if you lose marks. 

Having an exact copy of the actual exam with solved answers can change your approach towards the final exam. It helps in finding the strengths and weaknesses which can improve the dynamics of your preparation. 

Two Types of Neet Sample Paper Book 2023 - Buy Neet Practice Paper

We at Educart add all the previous years’ papers with complete solutions in our Abhyaas Mock Papers as per the latest marking scheme. We also include two types of NEET sample papers 2023 - minor and major. 

In minor, all the papers are based on units. This initially helps you to prepare your chapter strongly. You can analyse how well you studied a particular chapter, just after completely reading/ understanding it. 

Major NEET sample papers 2023 have questions from the complete syllabus, these papers are the exact copy of actual exams. You can give these exams with a timer and after the exam is complete, self check your answers and evaluate where you are lacking and in which answers you are good. This initially helps you to analyse your weaker sections, and get used to the exam environment and mental space.

How to Prepare from NEET Exam|Sample Paper 2023 & Latest Neet Practice Paper?

Every year lakhs of students give the NEET examination and everyone did their practice from mock papers. But very less percent of students were able to clear the exam and high rank holders are even fewer.

NEET exam consists of 200 questions out of which a student has to solve 180 questions in 3 hours and 20 minutes, so time management plays a very crucial role while attempting the exam. But you should also be aware of negative marking. Through NEET sample papers 2023 you can stimulate actual exam-required conditions. But wait, here you must be wondering what advantage you will get. So here are the advantages of solving NEET sample papers 2023.

  1. Enhance Time Management

Once you start solving papers, you will get an idea of which section needs extra/less time. As you read above, in 3 hours and 20 minutes you will get to solve 180 questions. This means 1 minute per question and 20 minutes for revision. 

Biology questions are completely theory based but chemistry and physics have practical questions. To complete the exam within the time limit, having an idea of each section's time is a must. We added a time management chart in our latest NEET Abhyaas Mock Papers 2023.

Time Management Chart in NEET Abhyaas Educart Book

  1. Increase Speed and Accuracy

Having a good speed with solving answers accurately is necessary for all students to crack the exam with good marks. However, speed and accuracy comes from solving multiple NEET sample papers 2023- around 10-15 papers. 

In our NEET books, we provided 15 NEET sample papers 2023 (minor+major) with all the answers and OMR sheets to give you an exact exam feel. Look at the image given below.

15 Mock Papers in NEET Abhyaas Educart Book

  1. Best for Revision

Solving papers is the best way to do revision and self-evaluation of your own written answers to give a broad view about writing well answers. Always go for books which follow exact paper patterns and guidelines. 

Our Educart books are updated on every change made in the final exam. We added the latest syllabus in the book, so that students do not get confused between topics. 

Syllabus in NEET Abhyaas Educart Book

Attempt Neet Practice Paper 2023
& Neet Sample Paper In Best Way

Completing the syllabus on time is important but presenting that knowledge in answers is crucial. Here are the tips which help you to attempt MCQ in a better way. 

  • Read the question thoroughly and understand the demand of the question.
  • Do not spend more than 4 minutes per MCQ at any cost.
  • If you are unsure about your answer, follow the rule of elimination to come up with the right option.
  • Decide which Section (A, B or C) you want to answer first so that you can manage your time best.
  • Using a rough space apart from your answer sheet is the best way to do calculations.
  • Write related equations and formulas during the mandatory reading time for quick      answering.

OMR Sheet Instructions

  • Make sure you read the instructions to fill the OMR sheet correctly.
  • Fill the OMR Sheet right at the end during Revision Time as opposed to at the beginning, to avoid last-minute changes and thus untidiness in the OMR Sheet.
  • Most Important: Leave some Revision Time at the end to self-evaluate or come back to difficult MCQs.


Above we discuss why you should start solving NEET sample papers 2023 if you want to score good marks and rank also. A good rank is very important to get into a good college. Follow all the tips added for preparation.

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