Introducing the First Ever One-Shot Question Banks for Class 10 Board Exams by Educart!!

The only all-inclusive Question Bank for the Class 10 board that covers practice Qs from all sources.
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<red> August 12th, 2023 <red>

A Sneak Peek into the A Revolutionary Beginning to your Class 10

Educart One-shot Question Banks


Educart, as its tagline suggests, aims to make “learning more interesting” for students. Keeping that in mind, we conducted a survey through various platforms (Quora, Reddit, Discord) and individuals (students, teachers) to know what it is that students need the most for board exams.

Our surveys led to the conclusion that Class 10 students are not really sure about how they should be studying. There are multiple resources available in the market such as- Offline and online coaching, books, YouTube, and the most important of them all, School. 

And honestly, we can’t blame them. Amidst all the chaos to decide what one should be studying, lies the desire to be a topper. 

But how to become one, still feels like a mystery!

We at Educart understand your concern. That’s what made us research and curate together a book that comes with efficiency and affordability. And, after almost a year of research…

Introducing to you the all-new Educart One Shot Question Banks 2023-24

A book that screams “have it all”. It consists of all the possible and wide variety of questions that could be asked in Boards 2023-24. 

Now, out of the many questions popping into your head

“How is it different from other Question Banks”,

might just seem like the right one to begin with. 

Educart One Shot QBs is finely structured. It is redesigned to provide the students with Chapter-wise Competency-based Qs, NCERT, and  PYQs. Saving them from the chaos of multiple questions all at once as provided in the reference books. 

Another key feature that completely differentiates it from the costly QBs, is the solution format. The solutions to all the questions are given separately at the back, so you can try to solve the questions yourself first, without having the temptation to see the answers. 

Want to know something even more exciting? 

It is India’s very first lowest-cost question bank to have ever been made. The actual cost is 349/- but (drumrolls!!), after a whopping discount it’s available at just 299/-.

Toh ab jahan bhi Educart jayega, us kone se 95%+ ka result aayega”.

Key Features

Here’s an overview of its Key Features-

Comparison Chart to Help you Choose the Right Book

Educart One-Shot Question Bank is being authored by Mr. Sanjiv Pandey and Mr. Prashant Kirad, the founders of Eduhap and ExpHub, respectively. “I wish I had something like this to make my board preparation that easy”, said he. As his students, you would know the book is nothing short of brilliance structured in the form of a trail that begins with- Competency-based Questions, NCERT and Exemplar Questions, Past 10 Years Questions, and lastly, Push Yourself Questions that are quite difficult. 

What more do we have in here for you? 

We have included an additional bonus-

  • Latest CBSE SQP (based on CBSE Class 10 official Sample Paper on a new pattern for 2023-24) 
  • 3 Unit-wise Papers (to learn new patterns as you go along completing the syllabus).

Educart One Shot Question Banks will be your one-stop solution not just a few days before Board exams but also at the very beginning of the term. With this, we want you to save time and money, you invest in multiple reference books. 

So, get yourself a companion that will help you from the beginning to the end to score 95+ in Boards. 

Try it yourself. 


Q.1 What is a One Shot book? 

Educart One Shot book is a one-stop solution for every Class 10 student. It is India’s very first lowest-cost QB that includes source-wise questions thus making it easier for students to prepare and practice for Boards. 

Q.2 Is One Shot book really sufficient to score 95+ in Boards? 

Yes, the Educart One Shot book is more than sufficient to prepare for Boards 2023-24. It has all the possible important questions, that are broadly based on the CBSE marking scheme 2024. 

Q.3 Is the One Shot book available for all subjects? 

Yes, the Educart One Shot book is available for all the subjects like- Science, Maths, English, and Social Science at just 299/-. 

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