How to Score Good Marks In Class 10 ICSE

Different tips with real examples and download material to make the exam process easy.

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How To Prepare For Board Exams Class 10 ICSE 2023?

Every year around 2 lakhs students compete against each other. In this situation having a complete understanding about every aspect from preparation to attempting the exam is necessary. 

There are many ways through which you can prepare for final exams. However, students prefer specimen papers and question papers to know what the exam demands. Every student wants to score better than before.

To achieve this goal you need some special tricks to stand out from the crowd and write better answers. Learn important board exam tips and tricks that toppers follow. Implement all the recommended methods in the article for your preparation.

Board Exam Preparation Tips ICSE Class 12

Try to study from the latest resources. You should know which topic is deleted and added in the syllabus, weightage of chapters, typology of questions and much more.

All these points remove uncertainty from your preparation and instil confidence. Follow these essential  tricks to prepare better on your own for ICSE board exams tips 2023.

Board Exams Tips 1:- Decode Exam Pattern

Having an idea about the types of questions which will be asked in the exam matters a lot. So the best way to do exam pattern analysis is through previous year ICSE question papers and specimen papers released on the official website.

ICSE releases the official specimen papers for every subject on their website for class 10. Practising a specimen paper to revise and create a preparation strategy is a must during this time.

Finding all previous year question papers can take a lot of your time. So we have provided them for you to download below. 

Class 10 ICSE Past Year Question Papers

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Board Exams Tips 2:- Understand Marks Weightage

Students can get an idea about the marks distribution from specimen papers. Unlike other boards, ICSE does not provide marking scheme solutions for their Specimen Papers. See the picture below:

ICSE Class 10 Literature in English (Paper-2) Specimen Paper Semester-2 2022

Check every subject paper and create marks distribution on your own by analysing sample papers. For example: Literature in English has 40 Marks Paper in Semester 2. It has four parts and each part holds the same weightage of marks (10 marks distributed as per different questions).

Board Exams Tips & Tricks !

Creating a realistic plan is needed to achieve the desired goals. Setting unrealistic goals which are beyond your capabilities will lead to self doubt. Let us take an example of how unrealistic goals decrease our performance in exams and self-confidence also.

Let’s assume that you want to score 95+ in English Language in your final exams. Goal setting is a process that helps set achievable intentions regarding board exams tips .  Many factors are included in creating goals such as your previous unit test marks, time left for preparation, interest in the subject, etc..

So directly saying that you achieve ‘‘x’’ result without any prior planning will not complete your goal. Understand all factors and circumstances before finalising your final goal. 

For studies, always create a study planner, it will help to concentrate on your desired goals only. You can also keep an eye on your actions and results achieved. This is an example of my study planner. Definitely one for you!

Study planners to maintain a track of your daily goals and achievements

Board Exams Tips 3:- Practise as much as you can

If you look for good marks, you need rigorous practice. Only completing the syllabus does not help you because in exam questions come from the whole syllabus. In that situation, your mind should be focused and know which approach to be followed for solving questions.

We, at Educart, add different typology of questions in our ICSE Guidebooks. All the questions are based on the latest syllabus released by the CISCE board. The best thing you can do is practise and revise with the exact format of exam–sample papers guidebooks. Visit the link below to download all subject specimen papers in PDF form.

ICSE Class 10 Specimen Paper PDFs

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To check how to attempt multiple subject papers with proper strategy, follow this blog here to understand every topper's point of view behind answer writing. Once you know how to do revision with the latest resources and answer writing skill, you will see that your marks will improve and chances to get good college also.

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