Educart CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper Launched

Pre-orders have been started and the official sales are set to commence from next week.
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<red> September 18th, 2023 <red>

Educart reveals its Latest Sample Paper with the Biggest Twist

Educart Sample Paper- English, SST, Science and Mathematics

Educart is all set to officially launch its much awaited Sample Papers - English. Science, Social Science and Mathematics. From social media to daily conversations between students Educart’s impact is undeniable, and with this new launch Educart has proved itself to be worthy of the hype.

Educart revealed its all new Sample Papers for CBSE class 10 a few days back. Ever since then, it has been continuously attracting more and more teachers and students from all across India.

These latest papers come with a brilliant new feature that has made hundreds of students already pre-order the book. And that new feature is (dramatic drum rolls): The upgraded “Revision Maps”. The reformed revision maps are a newly structured and graphic representation or summary of the chapters. 

Revision Map 1.0
Revision Map 2.0

Revision Maps: When I say “Family Tree'', each one of us generates a mental image of a tree with different branches each representing a member of our family. The maps work in a similar way, it's an effective and fun way of learning making the complex ideas easier to understand. These maps have been curated specifically to help students revise with note-taking mind map visuals. 

What else do we have in store for you? 

With this new sample paper Educart has a lot of new features for CBSE class 10 students. Read below to find out.

Past 5 Year Papers 

Previous Year Paper- 2022-23
Previous Year Paper 2021-22

These books are providing the past 5 years paper for the first time ever. These papers are provided at the very beginning of the book. You may think what’s new with that? Well these papers come with detailed solutions for each question.

As you may already know, PYQs are really important and every student should practice them to get an idea about the repetitive questions and the paper pattern. 

50% Competency-based Questions

Competency-based Question
Competency-based Question

As per the official CBSE Sample Papers, Educart experts have analysed and predicted that CBSE might start to give 50% competency based questions from next year. So to keep the students ahead of this predictable change we have provided 50% competency-based questions in our new SQP for class 10 CBSE.

These questions are filled with different typologies- assertion-reason, objective, reason-based, case studies and many other. 

Self-evaluation Charts 

Self Evaluation Chart- Educart Sample Paper

The self-evaluations charts include two important features - ‘Marks Breakdown’ and ‘Know Your Score’. Students can track their progress, and can examine their strengths and weaknesses by calculating their final score.

Here’s a summary of all the features of our all new Educart Sample Paper for class 10 2023-24. 

Educart Sample Paper- Feature Summary

So now that you already know what our “BIG” surprise is and how it could benefit you, why wait to buy it later? Pre-order today for a 95+ score this year.


Q. What are the advantages of solving sample papers for class 10 CBSE? 

Solving sample paper has a lot of benefits for class 10 students. The first and the most important being that it helps the students in understanding the paper pattern, as CBSE keeps on changing the syllabus from year after year. Self-assessment, time-management, strategic preparation etc. are some of its other benefits. 

Q. How does sample papers help with time management? 

Sample papers are like tests that students can practise from so that they can be fully prepared prior to the board exams. By solving sample papers, you can improve your time management skills and can also revise the syllabus. 

Q. How many sample papers should students solve?

A. Student should solve 7-10 sample papers before the board exams so that they can be fully familiar with the paper pattern and types of questions they might encounter. 

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