CBSE Communicative Sanskrit & English from 2022-23

What does this mean for students and teachers in the upcoming session?

<red> February 24th 2022 <red>

CBSE Introduces Communicative Sanskrit (Code 119) and brings back Communicative English (Code 101) for Class 9 & 10 from 22-23.

On 24 February 2022, CBSE introduced two new subjects - Sanskrit Communicative Sanskrit (Code No. 119) and Communicative English (Code No. 101). These subjects will be added in the curriculum from the academic session 2022-23 for Class 9 and in the consecutive session for Class 10 students.

Here are some pointers that we have derived from the CBSE circular Acad-25/2022.


  • Since the release of NEP, CBSE has been bringing a lot of changes to the curriculum, teaching pedagogies and assessment, learning framework, etc.
  • According to these changes, Communicative Sanskrit and Communicative English were to be introduced (as emphasised in para 4.38 of NEP 2020) as optional subjects the students can have more flexibility in options.

Expected Implementation

  • This introduction will take effect for Class 9 students in the academic year 2022-23 and for Class 10 in the consecutive one, i.e., 2023-24.

Level of Subjects

  • According to the circular, communicative level of both the subjects is not supposed to be an easier version of the subject. Instead, it includes additional activities on communication that will help the students perform better in accordance with the Competency-based Education.
  • Learning methods, assessment strategies and grading will all be similar to the other subjects as per the CBSE guidelines.

Eligibility for the Subjects

  • The students can only choose one of the levels for both subjects - Communicative or Language and Literature.
  • Any school  can offer these subjects without any special permission from CBSE and existing faculty can be instructed to teach the new subjects as well.
  • CBSE Syllabus and other related resources will be made available for both Communicative subjects on the website from April 2022.

The only purpose for introduction of these subjects is to provide more choice for students that are looking for a future in these subjects. So far, they look like they could fulfil the same.

We will keep you updated with all the related information and news. For more, check out this link.

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