Chapter 2

Class 10
1. Find out stories prevalent in your region which are about the harmonious relationship between human beings and nature.


Find out stories prevalent in your region which are about the harmonious relationship between human beings and nature.


Human survival and development are in the process of interaction with nature in the process. In the history of mankind in different periods of the relationship between man and nature have a different performance. Relationship between man and nature, generally has experienced three stages: direct unity of man and nature, the ancient; tried to conquer and rule of nature, man and nature of modern conflict deepened; advocates of social development and environmental protection coherent, harmonious development of man and nature The Contemporary. Human beings live in the real world, by the nature of human society and the contradictions of common build unity, the relationship between man and nature's fundamental nature is a dialectical unity. Human nature is to a certain historical stage of development of the product itself is of course there is a part of the natural world. People can not be separated from the natural world, dependence on nature to survive. At the same time, human beings in order to meet their development needs, through the activities of the natural world and consciously to be transformed in order to obtain more material and energy. However, the human nature of the social practice of a dual role, both positive side and negative side. If mankind can correctly understand and respect the basic laws of nature, the reasonable transformation of the natural world, we can promote harmony between man and nature development. Conversely, if human neglect the laws of nature, blind to the predatory nature of the development, will break damage the ecological environment, resulting relationship between man and nature of disharmony. Contemporary caused by man and nature, a variety of factors of disharmony is the result of common, both natural factors, some of the subjective factors in both human understanding of the causes, there are social reasons. In human and nature of the material transformation, only awareness, recognition and follow the laws of nature, the purpose can be achieved. However, the transformation of human nature in the labor process, often blindly or scientific level of restrictions, inadequate understanding of the laws of nature, or the activities of non-compliance with the laws of nature, may lead to the destruction of the ecosystem, environmental pollution. Today's overexpansion of the population, people on the abuse of science and technology, environmental protection-related laws and regulations are not perfect people and the natural result of the root causes of social disharmony.Based on the contemporary global environment analysis of the root of the problem on this basis, to the contemporary harmony between man and nature reconstruction ways: raise people's awareness of ecological ethic civilization, a man and nature in harmony of the natural concept, vigorously develop Green technology, establishing and implementing the correct concept of science and technology; cange the traditional concept of consumption, the establishment of sustainable consumption patterns.In this paper, use of history and logic of unity of research methods and dialectical materialism ways of thinking, from a philosophical perspective on the harmony between man and nature to explore the idea of origin and the people and the natural phenomenon causes of discord, find harmony between man and nature With the means to achieve harmony between man and nature, and sustainable development.

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