ISC Class 12 Business Studies Syllabus 2024-25 | PDF Download

Latest ISC Class 12 Business Studies Syllabus 2024-25

ISC Class 12 syllabus is a detailed set of content that covers all the topics taught in previous classes in a deeper way, which also makes it more extensive and tougher to cover for some students. The first step for any student to prepare for ISC Board exams is to have a clear understanding of the syllabus.

The ISC Business Studies class 12 syllabus is intended to equip candidates with a thorough understanding of the modern business environment while also instilling an entrepreneurial spirit and raising awareness of current trends.

 It covers a variety of topics in human resource management, with a focus on effective communication skills for modern corporate interactions. Candidates also learn about business finance sources and the regulatory framework, ensuring that they are well-prepared to handle the ever-changing business world with insight and skill.

Business Studies is a theoretical subject including case studies in the ISC Class 12 Business Studies syllabus. Just like BST, English and Hindi are also theoretical subjects that students can prepare for using ISC Class 12 English and ISC Class Hindi syllabus

Download the Class 12 Business Studies Syllabus PDF for the 2024-25 session and start your boar exam preparation.

Latest Syllabus ISC Class 12 Business Studies

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ISC Business Studies 2024-25 SYLLABUS CLASS 12

UNIT Sub Unit Marks
1. Human Resource Management (i) Introduction to Human Resource
(ii) Job and Manpower planning.
(iii) Staff Recruitment.
(iv) Staff Selection.
(v) Staff Training.
(vi) Staff Morale.
(vii) Staff Motivation.
(viii)Staff Remuneration.
(ix) Staff Leadership.
(x) Staff Appraisal.
(xi) Staff Promotion and Transfer.
(xii) Staff Separation.
(xiii)Emerging trends in Human Resources.
2.Business Communication and
(i) Business Communication
(ii) Business Correspondence
(iii)Current trends in Business Communication:
e-mail and video conferencing.
3. Business Size and Finance (i) Various business entities.
(ii) Sources of business finance
4. Globalisation and recent trends in Business. (i) Globalisation.
(ii) e-Business.
(iii) Outsourcing.
(iv) Types of Outsourcing.
(v) Online means of conducting business.
5. Business Regulators and Intermediaries (i) Regulators and Intermediaries.
(ii) Role of Regulators and Intermediaries.
(Two projects from any topic covered in Theory)

ISC Syllabus Class 12 Business Studies: Marking Scheme

The Class 12 ISC Business Studies Subject consists of two papers i.e. Paper I and Paper II. 

Paper I - Theory: 3 hours (80 marks)

Paper II - Project Work (20 marks)

ISC  Business Studies Syllabus 2024-25 Class 12: Paper II (Project Work)

Candidates will be expected to have completed two projects from any topic covered in Theory.

The project work will be assessed by the teacher and a Visiting Examiner appointed locally and approved by CISCE.

Mark allocation for each Project [10 marks]:

A list of suggested Projects included in the Business Studiess ISC syllabus is given below:

1. Analyse the recruitment process in any two companies of your choice. List the loopholes if any and give suggestions for improving the process. (You may also make a comparative study of the recruitment process).

2. Evaluate the selection process of any two firms from the corporate world and discuss their benefits and drawbacks vis-a-vis each other.

3. Study any two business organizations (one Multi National Company and one Indian Company) with regard to their Policies of Compensation (Increment policy, Incentive policy, Bonus and reward policy, retirement benefits).

4. Study the various types of leaves made available to employees. Leaves can be considered as a financial cost to the organization. What other tangible and non-tangible benefits does the organization stand to gain from incurring this cost? Do the benefits justify the cost?

5. Consider any two successful business leaders. Give a brief account of their leadership styles. Explain the impact of their leadership styles in the achievement of the organizational goals of their respective organizations.

6. Analyse the emerging trends in human resource management and discuss their implementation in India (Comparative study of five organizations).

7. Make a comparative study of any two E-Businesses in terms of their Nature, Size, Products, and Services offered, Functioning, and Policies.

8. Select any two companies and study their sources of finance with respect to the amount procured and the advantages and disadvantages of each source of finance

9. Select any BPO or KPO and explain the outsourced functions that it performs. Discuss the impact of outsourcing in general and specifically on the profitability of the outsourcing organization.

10. Study any one regulator and the intermediaries under it. Give an account of their functions and how it help the common man.

NOTE: No question paper for Project work will be set by CISCE. 

The ISC Business Studies Syllabus 2024-25 comes in handy when you start preparing for the ISC Business Studies Board Exam. So download the ISC BST Syllabus and start preparing for the upcoming board exam. 


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