ISC Class 12 Business Studies Reduced Syllabus

ISC Class 12 syllabus is a detailed set of content that covers all the topics taught in previous classes in a deeper way, which also makes it more extensive and tougher to cover for some students. The first step for any student to prepare for ISC Board exams is to have a clear understanding of the syllabus.

Business studies is one of the most interesting subjects students study in their lives. You gain various business management skills, and as you progress through this subject you can even choose to specialize in the fields like Entreprenuership, Marketing, General finance, Advertising, etc.

In this page, we have provided direct and free access to the Revised Class 12 Business Studies Syllabus PDF for 2022-23 session.

Revised Syllabus for 2022-23 Academic Session

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In the table given below, we have also provided the Revised Syllabus for 2022-23 session.

Students will be given 3 hours time to complete the theory examination.

Business Studies 2022-23 REVISED SYLLABUS

UNIT Sub Unit Marks
1. Human Resource Management (i) Introduction to Human Resource
(ii) Job and Manpower planning.
(iii) Staff Recruitment.
(iv) Staff Selection.
(v) Staff Training.
(vi) Staff Morale.
(vii) Staff Motivation.
(viii)Staff Remuneration.
(ix) Staff Leadership.
(x) Staff Appraisal.
(xi) Staff Promotion and Transfer.
(xii) Staff Separation.
(xiii)Emerging trends in Human Resources.
2.Business Communication and
(i) Business Communication
(ii) Business Correspondence
(iii)Current trends in Business Communication:
e-mail and video conferencing.
3. Business Size and Finance (i) Various business entities.
(ii) Sources of business finance
4. Globalisation and recent trends in Business. (i) Globalisation.
(ii) e-Business.
(iii) Outsourcing.
(iv) Types of Outsourcing.
(v) Online means of conducting business.
5. Business Regulators and Intermediaries (i) Regulators and Intermediaries.
(ii) Role of Regulators and Intermediaries.
(Two projects from any topic covered in Theory)

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