Class 9 Subject-wise Material

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Class 9 Subject-wise Material

Promoting from Class 8 to Class 9 is a big and crucial transition in a student’s academic life. Till Class 8, a student absorbs the basic knowledge and after being promoted to Class 9, the student has to indulge themselves in in-depth studies and knowledge about concepts and topics to strengthen their foundation for the upcoming senior year. 

Transitioning comes with a lot of stress and pressure to perform better in every subject. Students can find lots of study materials online but choosing the right one or finding all at one place has low probability. The table below will provide Class 9 subject-wise study material links that will redirect you to the study material following the latest CBSE pattern as per the clicked subject. 

Class 9 Subject-wise Study Material
Class 9 English Subject-wise Material
Class 9 Mathematics Subject-wise Material
Class 9 Science Subject-wise Material
Class 9 Social Science Subject-wise Material

Benefits of Subject-wise Material

To help Class 9 students prepare with the right study material and according to the Class 9 CBSE Curriculum, Educart has provided subject-wise, study material in one place. All students have to do is click on the required material for any subject (English, Math, Science, and SST). There are many benefits that any student can gain from having access to Class 9 subject-wise material. 

  • It’s free of cost so students will get a wide range of materials without paying for anything.
  • The study material is gathered from numerous resources and provided in one place to avoid the hustle of locating many websites and finding the right link.
  • The material is available at any time so students can access the content from anywhere and at any time on their device.

Subject-wise Material- What Will You Get?

To prepare for CBSE Class 9 exams, students look for numerous studying materials, be it notes, reference books, NCERT solutions, and many more. On every subject-wise page for Class 9 study material, students will be getting the below-listed material. Have a look at what these materials are and how they will help Class 9 students.

  1. Chapter-wise Notes
Beehive "The Little Girl" Introduction

Class 9 chapter-wise notes will help significantly in exams, especially during the revision time when students need to go through all the important topics, concepts, formulas, and pointers of every subject. 

  • It gives students a clear idea of what to study especially when they have limited time for preparation. The notes will cover all the major portions required for understanding the chapter. 
  • For practice sessions when a quick go-through of a chapter is needed, chapter-wise notes come in handy, especially in solving math and science problems. 
  • Helps in preparing for the exams in a structured and organized manner and students won’t have to carry several textbooks when they can find everything in one place. 

  1. DoE Worksheets
Extract from the Class 9 DoE Worksheet

The practice questions provided by the Department of Education to help students practice effectively and efficiently. Edudel or Education department has provided worksheets that will help students in:

  • To evaluate their understanding of the concept or topic for the subject and recognize the area of improvement.
  • Teachers can use the DoE worksheet to analyze students' performance and then adopt the teaching strategy based on the student's performance. 
  • Highly apt for students who opt for self-study sessions and prepare well for the exams.

  1. Formulas 
Class 9 Math and Science Formulas

Many students have a fear of Mathematics and Science especially numerical where they often don’t understand the questions. Learning and understanding formulas is the step to solving any numerical and scientific problem. 

  • The formulas can directly help in solving some numerical stepwise steps and an approach on how to solve the problems.
  • One formula can be applied to several problems since the formulas provided are general-pattern-based.
  • Formulas help in saving time since many formulas are directly applicable to the problems.

  1. Experiential Activities
Experiential Activities

In Class 9 experiential activities are introduced to help students understand some basic scientific phenomena by experimenting, testing, and researching. 

  • To understand why students need to perform the listed experiment along with the required materials, procedure, and result.
  • To deeply analyze the concept related to the topic and show the real-life application of that concept. 
  • It certainly helps in enhancing problem-solving skills and helps students in applying the concepts they have learned.

  1. Important Questions
Important Question to practice more efficiently

Class 9 Important Questions is the key to boosting midterm and final exam preparations. Practicing important questions will help in many ways:

  • Important questions usually reoccur in the final examinations. Practicing these questions will enhance the probability of better performance.
  • Important Questions provide an idea of the important topics and concepts from the examination point of view.
  • Important Questions are most suitable for chapter-wise preparation and during revision time.

  1. Mind-maps
Chapter-5 Cell:Basic Unit of Life Mid Map

It’s a fact the majority of the students find learning concepts in visual form better. Mind maps are the visual representation of concepts and show the interpretation of topics, ideas, and content. It will help in

  • Mind-maps are formed while gathering data from some resources so at exam time, it helps in revising and analyzing the concepts more effectively.
  • Improving time-management skills by making it quick to go through important points, formulas, and ideas.
  • Students can make notes using the mind map concepts.

Other Materials

Question Banks and other supporting study materials will be an add-on to study and prepare effectively for the exams. Class 9 is a ladder to strengthen the basic concepts and foundations that will not only help in academic life but in professional life too.

We, at Educart, want every student to achieve their dream score. Learning depends from student to student but every student deserves an opportunity to get the right material that will help them in moving a step forward to achieve their dream score. Class 9 subject-wise study materials are the key to preparing, scoring, and achieving the set goals.

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