Download CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit 2024 PYQs PDF

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Download CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit 2024 Past Year Papers PDF

If we are talking about the ancient language that is widely known, the majority of the students would answer Sanskrit. CBSE has included the Sanskrit language in its curriculum for students to get familiar with this language. The previous year papers for CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit are essential study material for students preparing for the board exams. 

Downloading the class 10 sanskrit question paper with answers for the last year can help students understand the exam pattern and get familiar with the types of questions they can find in the sanskrit exam. Students can download the sanskrit past year paper for 2024 from the table given below and include it in their exam preparation. 

CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit
Question Papers 2024
(Marking Scheme)
52 Sanskrit 2024 PYP Solution

Sanskrit Class 10 Previous Year Question Paper: Pattern

CBSE has increased the percentage of competency-based questions for the upcoming board exams. However, the pattern is expected to remain the same. Based on the class 10 sanskrit previous year question paper PDF, the paper includes four sections. 

Section Types of Questions No. of Questions
Section A Unseen Reading Comprehension 1Q (10m)
Section B Writing Skills 3Q (15m)
Section C Applied Grammar 7Q (25m)
Section D Textbook-based Questions 7Q (30m)

Section A includes one unseen reading comprehension weighing 10 marks. Students have to answer the given questions related to the passage. 

Section B evaluates the student’s creative writing skills and weighs 15 marks. The questions are based on letter writing, article writing, description writing, and much more.  Section C checks the student’s grammatical skills, whereas Section D is all about literary skills. 

How to Download Sanskrit Class 10 Previous Year Question Paper

Class 10 Sanskrit Question Papers with Answers are released every year on the official CBSE website. Students can click the required link to download the previous year's papers. The papers can also be downloaded from the links given in the table above, and you can browse to this website to download the previous year papers for CBSE Class 10 and other subjects. 

Why to Download Sanskrit Class 10 Previous Year Question Paper

There are already many study materials for every subject available on the market, and adding another one seems like a tedious task. Including the class 10 sanskrit previous year question paper PDF in the exam preparation routine can help students' scores significantly. 

  • The papers will include chapter-wise questions as per their allotted mark weights, and students can predict the important topics after analysing these papers.
  • There is a high probability that many questions may reoccur in the upcoming exams, so practicing them will prepare students beforehand.
  • Students can modify their exam preparation strategy based on their performance after solving these sanskrit class 10 question papers from the question papers from the previous year.

How to Start Solving the Sanskrit Class 10 Previous Year Question Paper

Time management is an important aspect of performing well in the board exams. Regardless of any study material, understand how to start preparing from that resource. 

  • The foremost thing to do before starting to use any resource is to understand the syllabus. Go through the CBSE Class 10 Sankrit Syllabus and decide the time for attempting these questions. 
  • Don’t refer to the solution before you have attempted the question. Try to attempt it by yourself and cross-check with the given marking scheme. This will help in understanding the weak areas, and you can start working on improving them. 
  • Complete the syllabus using the Class 10 Sanskrit NCERT before trying to attempt previous-year questions. It will significantly increase efficiency. 

Include past 10-year questions for the CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit exam to score above 90. Understand how to answer in the correct way to avoid losing minimal marks. Now, you can download the files to your computer for offline access at any time. These links are made available for free. 


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